The University News is the weekly newspaper of the University of Dallas. It is written, edited and managed by the students of the university. We distribute 1,000 copies at 11 locations on and around campus every Wednesday, and new content is available on our website daily while class is in session.

With 1,400 undergraduate students and 200 faculty members, as well as a robust community of alumni and families, those who don’t pick up the paper copy often engage with our articles online.

Our paper and its content are managed completely by students, who work as writers, photographers, editors, layout designers and managers. All decisions regarding content are those of the student editors, with the help of a single faculty adviser. We receive funding from the university, which we supplement with revenue from advertising.

You can contact the Editor-in-Chief at rvenditti@udallas.edu.

To advertise, email our business manager, Dalayna Marji at dmarji@udallas.edu.

Due to recent technical difficulties, all authors’ bylines were recently erased from our website. If you had previously written an article for The University News and would wish to have it reattributed to your name, please email our digital director, Catherine Burkart at cburkart@udallas.edu.




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