Groundhog Guidance


Dear Groundhog,

Oh no — I’ve found myself falling for this wonderful girl … but I’m worried that I still need to develop myself further/fix a few issues I have before I can potentially  stand on equal ground with her. Groundhog, should I wait on making a move?



Dear Crushing,

I really admire how you are striving to better yourself! That’s a great attitude to approach life with, but don’t let this totally hold you back.

Improving yourself is a lifelong journey that we all go through. It doesn’t really stop ever. There is no such thing as a perfect person, and if you’re striving to reach perfection before dating someone … well, the religious life is always an option.

Obviously if you have some astronomically-awful issue that would lead you to treat someone terribly in a relationship, then yeah, fix those things first. I highly doubt that’s the issue here, however, based on the fact that you’re even trying to better yourself.

The best thing you can do is be honest with this girl. I cannot even begin to express how important open communication is!

Also, remember that this wonderful girl is going to have her own issues that she’ll need to fix. Maybe, though, you both can grow together and help each other become your best selves.

Shoot your shot!



Dear Groundhog,

Soooo I asked out this girl right, and she said yeah. I don’t have a car or a DART pass, but I DO have a bicycle. I’m trying to plan something special for our two week-anniversary, but I don’t have any friends with cars that I can borrow. I would use my bike, but my thighs tend to cramp really bad afterwards. We talked about it for a while, and we both agreed it would be best to have our anniversary date on campus. What are the best dating spots and activities to do when you’re on a date on campus?



Dear JJ,

Dude. Bye a DART pass. They’re like three bucks.

If you’re really determined to have a date on campus, however, there are a few things you can do if you bring in a little creativity.

Movies on laptops or an arts and crafts project in your room are simple ideas, but while these are effective ways to spend time together, they’re not high on the list of thoughtful or romantic gestures. I’d suggest aiming for something with a little more planning involved for those more important dates, especially early on in the relationship.

Picnics are always a cute and cost-effective date idea. As long as you have comfy blankets, Carpenter grove is a great spot to lay out under some trees without being right by the busiest sections of campus.

The dorm kitchens may not be the most private spot, but cooking a meal or baking a dessert together can be another fun way to spend time together. If you make something yummy, let me know and I can help you clean up — and by that I mean eat your leftovers.

Down for a bit of a walk? Hike up to the Marian shrine past the baseball woods and say a rosary together!

If you’re super desperate, you can attempt to persuade Dr. Olenick to let you use the observatory on top of the science building for some star gazing. 

Please, just don’t go on a date in the middle of the Cap Bar. It will be interrupted by unsuspecting acquaintances, and it will be awkward.

Happy dating,



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