Groundhog Guidance


Dear Groundhog,

There’s this guy I see three times a week at daily Mass. I’ve never talked to him but we usually sit in the same area. I think he’s cute but I have no idea who he is because I’ve never seen him on campus outside of Mass. I haven’t had an opportunity to talk to him.

What should I do? What’s the line between wanting to be pursued and being assertive?


Church Crush

Dear Church Crush,

Be bold! Be brave! Say a prayer to St. Valentine and get over there!

He won’t be able to pursue you if you don’t give him the opportunity to. So next time you see him at Mass, go ask if you can sit next to him and introduce yourself (obviously not during the Eucharistic Liturgy though).

Strike up a conversation after Mass and maybe try to steer him towards the Capp Bar. A little bit of effort can go a long way. Hopefully after that, he’ll be the one seeking you out.

I hope it goes well for you!



Dear Groundhog,

I’ve been looking for new books to read lately, and I wanted to know if you have any recommendations?



Dear Bookworm,

Whatever books are on your syllabi of course!

Ok, now that I’ve appeased the professors, here’s my best advice for finding good books to read in what little down time we all have.

Obviously, talking to any English major is a great way to get some book recommendations, so if you don’t like any of mine, you know who to ask.

But if you’re looking for a good book, try picking out an author that you like and exploring the rest of their novels or series. 

For more specific ideas: if you’re looking for a wholesome romance, turn to Jane Austen or Elizabeth Gaskell. For a western adventure with priests try “Death Comes for the Archbishop” by Willa Cather. Tragic monologues are Shakespeare’s forte and dramatic tales set during WWI can be found with Hemingway. And for something less academic, I’ll admit that I’ve been a fan of “The Hunger Games” and “Percy Jackson” since middle school.

I’ll leave off by recommending a look at any C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien series, as I’d be loath to overlook these classics in a crowd of UD students.

Happy reading,



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