Groundhog Guidance


Dear Groundhog,

Does the University have any resources for people looking to quit smoking? I’ve been smoking for over a year and in the cultural milieu at UD, it’s very hard to quit. Any suggestions?


Social Smoker

Dear Social Smoker,

From what I can tell, there sadly aren’t any tangible resources dedicated to the subject of quitting smoking. Discussing your concerns with the Counseling Center, however, could be a good starting point. 

Addictions are difficult to overcome and building a support system for yourself can go a long way. That can include a counselor, fellow students trying to quit, a friend who can hold you accountable and/or your family back home. 

The social side of smoking can lead to a lot of peer pressure, but if you open up to your friends who do smoke, they can help you in little ways — like simply not offering to let you bum off of them.

I’m sure you’re far from the only student on campus looking to quit. Maybe you could work with the Counseling Center to create a support group of sorts.

And while I’m by no means an expert on smoking, I think that the fact that you’re looking for resources is a fantastic first step.

I’ll say a prayer for your success.

You can do it!



Dear Groundhog,

I friend zoned this dude and I wanna get him back but I have too much pride to do that — help me.


Un-friend Zone

Dear Un-friend Zone,

In the wise words of the Book of Proverbs, “the pride goeth before the fall.” 

If you really want to date him, you’re going to have to be open and honest with him. It’s best to learn now that sometimes in relationships you have to admit you were wrong. 

And I acknowledge that doing so is certainly no easy feat, but you won’t be able to build a great relationship founded on honesty and mutual respect without hitting a few bumps in the road.

If he’s worth it to you, then he’s worth the humility. Just make sure that you’re not just trying to get with him so that you have a date for Valentine’s Day. Remember that the chocolate goes on sale the day after anyways!




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