Player Spotlight: Chase Reynolds


Graduate student Chase Reynolds received another year of eligibility due to COVID-19 restrictions in the previous year, and he gladly took the opportunity to play his 5th season of college sports.

Reynolds is about to start his career, but his end goal is to become a soccer coach in the future.

He said: “Monday I start my job with Dell Technologies. My plans are to keep working in the technology industry, and then maybe a couple of years down the line stop, and come back and coach soccer.”

Reynolds has been playing the game since he was a kid, but playing at the University of Dallas was a special experience.

He said: “I started playing when I was five or six. Fell in love with it, honestly not until my freshman year of college.”

His love for the game came from the atmosphere surrounding the UD soccer program. The whole team is a very tight-knit group of guys.

He said, “The reason that I fell in love with soccer, I think, was because when I got to UD all my friends were soccer players and we were only playing soccer, so [I] just kind of deep-dived into it.”

Reynolds has matured in many ways since arriving at UD, physically as well as mentally.

He said: “Since freshman year, 5 years ago, I think I put on like 20 lb, so definitely matured in terms of growing in size.  As a person, I’ve matured a ton. Freshman year, I really wasn’t even interested in school at all, but as time went on, I became more interested in what we were doing in our classes, and kinda took more part in the University of Dallas campus life.”

Looking back on his soccer career, Reynolds recounted some memorable moments that will stay with him forever. He experienced the exhilarating feeling of being supported by a huge crowd of fans and ending up with a win. The feeling is very special and, since he likely won’t play competitive team sports in the future, he probably won’t ever experience the same feeling again. 

He stated: “My favorite memory was probably winning a semi-final playoff game that we hosted at UD my freshman year. We won it like 4 to 1, and it was back when the soccer field was on the lacrosse field so we packed it, there were probably like 500 students there. It was fun!”

Reynolds also made some great memories off of the field on his trip to Rome.

He said: “Rome was the best part of going to UD. Probably soccer being like the second-best part, but Rome was the best.”

One of his favorite memories during the Rome semester was not actually in Rome.

He stated: “Definitely going to Amsterdam was the most fun part. I’ve been once in the summer and then I went in the spring.”

With the end of the men’s fall 2021 soccer season on Halloween, Reynolds has played his last conference game as a UD Crusader. We certainly are sad to see such a passionate, talented, and vibrant player turn in his jersey for the last time; however, we are excited to see what life (and soccer) holds for Reynolds in the future!


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