Groundhog Guidance


Dear Groundhog,

There’s this girl. She sits outside the Cap Bar. She smokes cigarettes and gets FOUR shots on ice — with vanilla. 

She’s really beautiful and I’ve had two intellectual conversations with her already. I think she’s an English major. She definitely GETS “The Iliad” better than anyone else I know. 

But, she smokes so much . . . like, a pack a day. I’ve never even vaped! 

Groundhog, are my lungs worth risking for my heart? Should I pick up smoking?


Fumeless and Girl-Friendless

Dear Fumeless,

While I sympathize with your desire to start a relationship, I’d suggest not picking up a habit like smoking just to get to know a girl. 

You don’t have to smoke to be around or talk to smokers, and you can at the very least ask them to blow smoke in the opposite direction. 

Honestly, she might even be grateful that you’ll never ask her to bum a cigarette. Those things can get seriously expensive! 

If she’s truly worth knowing, she’ll respect whatever decision you make about smoking. You should, however, think long term about how okay you are with dating someone who does seriously smoke. 

Either way, continue getting to know her and build a relationship based on those great intellectual conversations, not on smoke and lighters. 

Buying her four shots with vanilla might not be a bad idea though.

Best of luck,



Dear Groundhog,

I want to be a philosophy major, but my parents want me to study something more practical to provide for a family. Should I just become a priest so I don’t have to worry?



Dear Phil,

If you really feel called to the priesthood, I suggest stopping by Campus Ministry and talking to them about discernment. I don’t think they would suggest using the priesthood as an avoidance tactic, however.

Try reaching out to the Office of Personal Career Development. Plenty of philosophy majors have been able to find great jobs after graduating, and I’m sure they can help you do the same.

Do some research on different career options and jobs you might be interested in. Giving your family some idea of what you can do after graduation can go a long way in getting them on board with the liberal arts.

I know that family expectations are hard to live up to, but in the end they just want to see you succeed. You just have to remind them that you can succeed while studying what you love!

Keep philosophizing,



Dear Groundhog,

What are some of the best coffee shops in the area?



Dear Anonymous,

I certainly hope that I’ll still be able to find a table at my favorite cafes after this!

If you’re looking for something just an exit away from campus, Pax & Beneficia Coffee can get you a great caffeine kick. Plus there are great outdoor seating options when the weather is nice.

Cuppa Espresso Bar is the best place to camp out for hours in. Located in the Irving Bible Church, it always has a studious atmosphere, especially since more and more UD students seem to have discovered this spot. 

My most recent discovery is the 9 Rabbits Bakery, an Asian bakery just 10 minutes away from campus. Besides having some pretty spectacular baked goods and iced coffees, they specialize in boba and milk teas. Their Korean coffee is perhaps my new favorite drink — don’t tell the Cap Bar!




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