Blue Crew returns


In the words of John Donne, “No man is an island.” A warm smile, a stimulating conversation, a word of encouragement, a helpful friend, a cheering crowd, and a united front are what makes us whole. Thankfully, for the University of Dallas community, Blue Crew has returned. Long dormant, the campus club fan base is back to cheer on its favorite blue and white sports teams.

For the past two years (years that have felt like an age) communal gatherings have been shut down. COVID-19  managed to cut off something that is fundamental to our nature — community. As human beings, we require fellowship and friendship: it is our spiritual sustenance, without which we are left empty. 

The purpose of the Blue Crew is to further communal thriving through attending sports games and cheering on the UD teams. Co-President Phil Volkert said in an interview, “We see most of our mission in being together and having a good time.”

Fellow Co-President Emily Reiter added, “Even though it’s a fan club, it can be so uniting and welcoming.” After an age where almost everything communal has been non-existent, we desperately need that aspect of unity back in our lives, and what better way to find unity than by cheering for the ol’ blue and white amidst a group of roaring fans? 

UD sports took a hit last year without the presence of fans, but now the “sixteenth rugby player,” the “sixth basketball player” is back. “We are the extra player that can help the team do better,” Volkert said.

Blue Crew is also planning such events as Brats on the Mall, pep rallies before games and cookouts to aid the creation of fellowship and friendship. “What I am excited to bring back is the excitement of being together with other people,” says Rider. 

Blue Crew is for everyone.. Don’t be a standalone fan. Blue Crew wants you. Take Volkert’s advice: “When you get into individuality you aren’t as strong, but when you get that blue sea going, there’s nothing to stop us.”

Truly, together we are stronger, and this holds true for anything. If you can find a way to unite, be it only at a basketball game, finding that unity will aid your spirit in a way that is more powerful than you might think.

If you’re looking for ways to get involved then go to events, look out for posters and fliers, and check facebook and instagram, or simply email the two presidents: ( and “Classmen have full right to go and bombard us with emails,” said Volkert


So what are you waiting for? Community is back, sports are back. Why not combine the two and get the best of both worlds? Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it?

“Make the most of every opportunity,” Volkert said. “The most fun moment is yet to come.”


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