The Pro-Life vote: a clear choice

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President Trump is not the face of the pro-life movement, nor am I claiming that he is. However, he is allying himself with the pro-life movement, so it is reasonable and expedient for the pro-life movement to ally with him, rather than its avowed enemies, including former Vice President Joe Biden. 

In a prior article, “Can someone be Pro-Life and pro-Trump?” author Conor Mulcahy references President Trump’s lewd and inexcusable record, citing it as evidence that he is not truly pro-life. 

Potential personal sins aside (not unlike King David of Israel, however uncomfortable the comparison may make us), it is the political record that matters most when considering a person as a statesman. In August of this year, for example, President Trump gave $35 million to the Federal Justice Department to provide housing and services to victims of human trafficking, which he called an “epidemic” and a “problem not talked enough about.” 

The author also argued that PresidentTrump poorly represented the pro-life cause for his statements about the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone and that President Trump painted those in CHAZ as “not like us.” But what language is appropriate to describe the law enforcement fighting the anarchists of CHAZ? They were not only rioters but separatists who seceded from the Union—similar to what happened when Democrats contested a Republican presidency in 1860. 

Enforcing law and order is the role of the executive, not somehow preventing a pandemic. How can deaths from a disease be attributed to one politician who is working hard to fight it, while deaths from hundreds of thousands of infanticides per year are not attributed to another politician, who is actively championing these deaths? 

All these accusations against President Trump are merely dodges and distractions from the central pro-life issue of abortion, which the author neglects to address even once. 

In April of 2017, for example, President Trump rolled back funding for Planned Parenthood, which the Center for Reproductive Rights criticized in an article titled, “Trump Administration Guts Funding to United Nations Population Fund,” a program whose work greatly consists of providing contraceptives and abortions around the world.

Similarly, he appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett, a Catholic Notre Dame graduate and law professor with eight children – one of whom has Down syndrome, and two of whom are adopted from Haiti. 

A CBS News article from Oct. 6, 2020, quotes Biden saying that if Justice Barrett attempted to overturn Roe v. Wade, “the only responsible response to that would be to pass legislation to make Roe the law of the land. That’s what I would do.” The same article goes on to state “abortion-rights supporters say that Biden’s position… is baseline for the Democratic Party.” 

It is curious that the author mentioned in passing that Cardinal Raymond Burke, the American Papal Prelate, stated that Biden is anathema, but did not expand upon this. This is not a new phenomenon in the Catholic Church: we excommunicate apostates, and by promoting the policies he does, Biden excommunicated himself.

Biden consistently holds a clear, public stance against Catholic teaching, which is truly inseverable from the dogma of our faith. 

No one needs to “proclaim” that one candidate or another is pro-life or pro-choice. I went straight to to see what they said: 

“As president, Biden would defend safe, legal access to abortion by establishing nationwide protections for abortion that would stand even if Roe v. Wade were overturned by the Supreme Court… Biden understands that Planned Parenthood plays a crucial role in the nation’s health care system.” 

“Biden has advocated for ending the Hyde Amendment,” a 1976 ruling which bans the use of federal funds (i.e. tax dollars) for abortion, except in cases of rape, incest, or when the mother’s life is at risk. 

“Donald Trump is the first sitting president in U.S. history to speak at the anti-abortion ‘March for Life.’”

 “The Trump administration wants to allow employers and universities to refuse to cover birth control on the basis of “moral” objections.” 

I concede that Trump is no gentleman and personally has a poor moral record. But bear in mind that we are electing a president, not an uncle. 

We ought to keep in mind our statesmen’s personal character; but what policies they have pursued and promise to pursue take precedence in making political judgments about them. 

As Planned Parenthood’s website states: “The choice is clear. Read the facts to see for yourself.” 


  1. I think many people on this campus need to wake up to the fact that abortion is not the only important issue we should consider when voting. First of all, abortion rates are hardly affected by the President. When a Republican is in office the rate stays pretty stagnant, and when a Democrat is President it usually declines slightly (due to greater access to birth control…a very good thing). Secondly, overturning Roe v. Wade would not make abortion illegal, AND I would wager that it won’t even be overturned any time soon. We have had Conservative stacked courts before and still Roe has remained. The way to combat abortion is through educating and helping pregnant women who feel abortion is their only option. What not to do is claim women who have abortions deserve to go to prison for murder, a policy put forward by Trump.

    I would argue that moral character is absolutely a factor that should be considered alongside policy when electing a President. The President represents our country and is supposed to lead the American people and be a voice of reason in times of trouble. I think you would have to be delusional to think that Donald Trump has done any of these things. But, let’s focus on policy for argument’s sake. His push to abolish DACA is anti-life. Building a wall at the southern border is anti-life. Trying to restrict healthcare rights of millions of Americans by getting rid of Obamacare with no backup plan is anti-life. As I pointed out in my article last week, his climate policies are anti-life. Yes, Trump puts on a show for the Republicans, evangelicals, and other “Christians” that he is pro-life to garner support because he has no backbone to stand up for what he actually believes in. What about the violence that he incites and encourages because of his moral character?

    Regardless, it seems at this point that the American people have spoken through their vote to cleanse our country of the moral stain that is Donald Trump, including his abhorrent policies, and elect a moral leader with empathy, compassion, and good policy.

  2. Good thoughts! I have some responses to them as well. Would you like to publish an article, or would you like me to respond here?

  3. Trump is a terrible person, Biden is a pedophile. Watch this and tell me it is not creepy:
    Who cares anymore? They are both corrupt and sinful people. Presidents are put in place to give us an idea of choice. We have no rights, no choices, and our votes do not matter: They can throw us in camps whenever they want; YOU ARE OWNED. To assume that someone who got rich off politics and who takes money from corrupt foreign governments has “empathy, compassion and good policy” is evidence of brainwashing. The only thing you should support it positivity and unity, and then hope you do not get killed because those in power do not want that. Also, have fun “celebrating” with the other liberals in enormous rallies because COVID is, or not, dangerous?

    • Paul,
      XD I appreciate your jaded and honest assessment. I had been waiting on Isabel to get back with me, but since I suppose she has no stomach to continue, I’ll leave the last word with you.
      Best, and God bless

      • Dominic,
        As an English major, I have been very busy recently writing final papers and turning in all my assignments. In addition, I do not get notified when my name is mentioned or someone responds to my comments and as I have many more important things to be doing, I do not actually check the comments on your ridiculous article on the daily. I checked back sometime around November 9th and saw your non-response asking me in what manner I would like you to respond. I said what I wanted to say and the ball was in your court to choose how you wanted to respond, but instead you left no response. I would have thought if you had had a stomach, you would have simply responded to what I had said on this thread. So you can imagine my surprise when I checked back on the site today to show your article to a friend and talk about its ridiculousness, only to find you responding to another commenter (whose comment was equally if not more ridiculous than your article) that I am the one who has no stomach to respond. What was I supposed to respond to? You said nothing in your comment. I am very willing and open to discuss more. I can guarantee that there is no shortage of incompetence in the Trump administration that I could bring up in favor of my argument. When you finally muster the courage to respond to me, let me know, and I will gladly respond back.
        Best and God bless,

  4. By sheer mathematics it is virtually certain Trump has ordered many — possibly hundreds– of abortions himself.

    Trump publicly boasted of having admonished his wives of the moment for not having aborted his two youngest children, because the pregnancies had “ruined their figures.”

    He has frequently boasted of rampant sexual promiscuity over the last 55 years (since he was 18). He has stated quite emphatically that he does not use contraception, pregnancies are the “woman’s problem.” Court documents from his frequent cases involving pregnancy indicate he has frequently urged or ordered his sexual targets to undergo abortions.

    The idea that Trump is some kind of pro-life hero is beyond preposterous.

  5. “If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong.” Abraham Lincoln
    “If abortion is not wrong, nothing is wrong.” St Mother Teresa

    Dear Isabel and Jayson,
    I did not respond directly to your comment because I was wondering if you wanted to take it into print, as my article was a response piece in the first place, and because it would allow more people to read, and you’d get paid a sweet $10. I should have known that you would not be notified, but at the same time I had no other way to reach you. And when Paul provided the political absurdist/nihilist perspective I figured that was an amiable way to let the debate end. As you and Jayson are not satisfied, I am glad to continue.

    Whatever incompetence you will find in the Trump administration is tangential to the main topic which, I remind you, is the Pro-Life cause. You and Jayson can even talk about his poor moral character and personal actions, but that will not actually challenge my arguments. Remember, I granted these things when I made the King David connection, with his eight wives, as well as his at least ten concubines. My argument was never that he is a pro-life hero, but that he is an ally to the Pro-Life movement in his policies, something you neglected to address. Do you know how politics work? When you say he’s “putting on a show” for evangelicals, Republicans, and “Christians,” you’re referring to building a coalition. Also known as working together, which is all I am claiming Trump is doing (as before, I invite you to read Planned Parenthood asking people to vote for Biden).

    Certainly abortion is not the only issue on the table; I won’t even try to convince you that it’s the most important either. While you failed to address abortion political policies, you talked about the environment and immigration. These are important issues, and I see you even wrote an article back in October, “Climate Change and the Election: Vote for Action.” I can stand with you on the importance of protecting the earth and being good stewards of God’s creation. But when you attempt to attach the environment to the Pro-Life cause such that it’s more important to vote to protect the trees than the babies, then we have found the line where we disagree. So if you voted for Joe, very well – just don’t try to claim it was a Pro-Life vote.

    If you meant that lower abortions rates is a good thing then I whole-heartedly agree. But if you mean that birth controls are a good thing, then I will remind my Catholic audience that contraception is a mortal sin, let alone unhealthy to the female human body – so no, not “a good thing.”

    As for Roe v Wade being threatened, I mean, I’ve been getting advertisements from PP to “Save Roe,” so apparently they feel threatened. I know that overturning it alone will not ban abortion nationwide; we have a long way to go in that fight, and the state level matter as much as the national. But by golly, the trend of which states are fighting abortion and which are defending it look pretty darn partisan to me.

    And I absolutely agree we need to care for women who feel abortion is their only option. If you want to help them, then now that you’ve cast your Pro-Choice vote, I invite you to head over to, with whom I’ve been working for nearly two years, to sponsor mothers have have abortions scheduled for financial and desperate reasons, another vital part of the Pro-Life movement.

    Best and God bless,
    Dominic Dybala


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