Letter to the editor: new transcript costs


Senior Nick Wallish from St. Paul, Minn., wrote to The University News regarding last week’s piece “Transcripts go virtual, but at three times the original price”:

Last spring I was getting materials together to renew an outside scholarship and one of the necessary materials was an official transcript. In the past, the annoying process of printing out the PDF, filling it out, scanning it in – all so that they can mail you the invoice for the $5 fee to mail the transcript – had been rather cumbersome. I was excited to see that in the midst of COVID-19 they had migrated to an online virtual transcript database, from which they could send transcripts electronically. That is until I got to the checkout, where the price was now $15 for the service. Knowing that the scholarship was still worth paying the $15 for, I paid the fee.

I understand that bringing in an outside service to handle this process was necessary, and likely something that makes the lives of those in the registrar’s office much easier, and this is not a free service that National Student Clearinghouse provides. I understand that there will be associated costs with the third party. I did, however, send an email complaining about the sudden increase in the cost. Going from $5 to $15 is quite the jump. As a UD student, I crafted a long email stating that I understand the antiquated system of mailing out physical copies needed to go, and that it was nice to be able to request it online, but that the $10 upcharge seemed rather high, to which they responded: “Thank you for letting me know.”

Three months go by, and I am in the process of requesting the transcripts from the community colleges where I took summer classes. I took classes at two different schools, one where the transcript cost $2.50 to have sent to UD and the other which cost $5.25. Both transcripts were ordered from the same service that the UD registrar uses. There are likely other associated costs involved, but it does seem as if there is some discrepancy.


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