Men’s lacrosse shaves locks for a cause


On Sunday, March 1, the men’s lacrosse team had the opportunity to participate in an unusual, but inspiring fundraiser for Boston Children’s Hospital: seven men on the team shaved their heads, including the coach.  These seven men were able to contribute $7,000 to a worthwhile cause.

This year, the organization Lacrosse for Life began their first ever campaign for the Boston Children’s Hospital.  In the future, the organization intends to use other innovative fundraising techniques to expand their recipient list to more children’s hospitals across the country, according to their website.

The current head coach for St. Leo University’s Division 2 team, Brad Jorgensen, was featured on the Lacrosse for Life website in a video interview. He had a child in 2003 born with life-threatening health problems, so father and son were medevaced to Boston Children’s, which is the top medical center for children in the U.S., according to U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings of the best children’s hospitals in the country.

His son had a full recovery due to what the neurologist thought was just short of a miracle, but what Jorgensen knew was the incredible work of Boston Children’s. 

“From the medical care for the children to the support given to the parents who are living their biggest nightmare, I can’t say enough about what an outstanding place Boston Children’s is and what they have done for my family,” Jorgensen said.

Jorgensen said he would always give back to the hospital if he could, and the opportunity to promote such a cause arose when Lacrosse for Life secured $1,000 for every NCAA lacrosse team member who shaved their head.

The UD’s men’s lacrosse team joined the fundraiser, donating a total of $7,000. Tommy Chadwick, John Flaherty, JP Hasson, Brendan McCrorey, Hector Pinell-Sanchez, Ethan Mercer and Coach Keith Loftis all sacrificed their locks for the cause.

Loftis said they learned about this fundraising opportunity because they received notice from the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Coaches Association about it. Loftis notified the team, and decided to shave his own head in solidarity and in support of the cause.

McCrorey said that Loftis approached the team about the fundraiser via email, and originally the idea was met with qualms:

“Our coach emailed us, and at first everyone was like ‘no way,’ but then a few of us realized that this would really be the easiest way possible for us to make a difference, as a thousand dollar donation for a college kid is pretty huge, nevermind for something as simple as cutting our hair.”

Those on the team who decided to participate met March 1 to sheer each other’s heads, but it wasn’t a seamless process.

“JP Hasson accidentally dropped the guard off of his and shaved a line right down the middle of his head,” said McCrorey. “So that’s when I decided I was going to shave completely bald as well.”

This incredible fundraiser and those brave enough to participate in it made a big difference.  Lacrosse for Life reported a final check of $2,109,000, which they presented to the Chief Operating Officer at Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Kevin Churchwell on March 4.

Thanks to the players and coach of the UD team, 7,000 dollars were raised in one Sunday evening for this amazing fundraiser, aiding the medical facilities and research that care for children from all over the United States.


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