Battle of the Bands winners: Fuzzy Butter

IRVING, TX - Junior Charles LiMandri sings during "Fuzzy Butter'"s set at Saturday night's Battle of the Bands. (Photo by: Anthony Mazur)

The bandmates of “Fuzzy Butter” are just like the songs they played on Saturday — all bring a strong and energetic presence to the table.

Saturday, Nov. 11, groups of students squared off in the University of Dallas’s annual Battle of the Bands. The event was put on by the Campus Activities Board and took place at 8 p.m. outside on the mall. A free chili and tater tot bar was provided, and alcoholic beverages were available for purchase.

The up and coming University of Dallas band “Fuzzy Butter” is the first-place winner of this year’s Battle of the Bands, and will now  play at the Groundhog Party in the Park this coming spring.

“Fuzzy Butter” is made up of five jesting guys: Ben Joseph, Charles LiMandri, Will Kirk, Paul Mosimann and Matt Epperly.

There’s a story behind every band’s name. “Fuzzy Butter” is no exception.

It was LiMandri’s younger brother who came up with the band name. Over the years, LiMandri’s brother, as a hobby, would keep a list to record names that sounded like possible bands. LiMandri’s brother’s list, to date, reaches about 200 names.

“We [the band] picked a name [from my brother’s list] we all liked,” LiMandri said. “I think we’re all pretty fuzzy people, and we butter pretty often.”

Before their performance at Battle of the Bands, “Fuzzy Butter” deliberated about the songs and the order in which they would play these songs on their setlist. They decided to make their setlist diverse, featuring artists ranging from The Romantics to Jimi Hendrix.

“We tried to get a good mix of oldies and modern songs that people could relate to,” Mosimann said. “And we tried to slow it down and then pick it back up.”

The members of “Fuzzy Butter” vary in their musical experience.

LiMandri plays the keyboard and vocals for the band, and is a classically trained pianist.

Joseph plays rhythm guitar and backup vocals, and is a self-taught musician.

Kirk bought a bass specifically for this performance. He had never played it before, though he is familiar with guitar.

Mosimann is the drummer, and has been playing the drums for eight years.

Epperly is the lead guitarist. He has been playing for about 11 years, but performed for the first time at Battle of the Bands.

At Battle of the Bands, the band also featured a guest star appearance by Paul McGiffin on vocals for some of their songs.

When asked about what made the cut to be in their band, LiMandri answered, “Well, we all had instruments.”

“Fuzzy Butter” is excited to be toting the free shirts they got from their victory. Joseph gladly showed me he was wearing his under his sweater.

“He hasn’t taken it off since the performance,” said LiMandri.

Besides the free shirts, another perk from winning the Battle of the Bands is that the band gets to perform at Groundhog Day’s Party in the Park in February. There, fans can expect “Fuzzy Butter” to be back and better than before.


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