Concealed carry shifts the balance of power for women

Concealed carry licenses benefit the trained owner who aims to carry for self-defense purposes. Photo by Patrick Goodman.

In the debate around guns, and particularly the right to carry a concealed firearm, a crucial concern is too often overlooked – the impact on women.

In our society, women have much to gain from the legal right to carry a concealed handgun. This is due to the equalizing factor of being trained to carry, and having situational awareness as a result.

It is a sad reality that there are evil men who want to assault, rape and murder. Women are too often the target because there is an inherent imbalance of power between women and men.

However, when a woman qualifies and obtains her concealed carry license, the balance of power is tipped in her favor. She is trained, prepared, and most important, she has a defensive mindset.

When you begin to carry your firearm, you are no longer powerless to those who want to do you harm. What makes that feeling even more important is that, through proper training, you become aware of your own power. It doesn’t mean that you go out and look for a crime to stop like an old west vigilante, as is so commonly implied by opponents of concealed carry. In fact, you are trained to do the opposite.

I have seen several women rise to be some of the best shots in the shooting world. In fact, women are statistically more accurate shots than men. Women can and frequently do defend themselves better than a man can. Female shooters are also some of the most confident and driven individuals out there. Shooters like Katie Francis and native Texan Kirsten Joy Weiss are some of the more prominent names that come to mind.

The firearm is the ultimate tool of empowerment for women because it keeps their first and most basic right as a human being alive: the right to life. We live in a fallen world, and there will always be three kinds of people: the predator, the prey, and those who refuse to be either one.

The belief that women are stuck in the state of being prey and cannot protect themselves with a firearm is another form of antiquated male chauvinism. The more people that utilize the equalizing factor of a firearm and training, the better.


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