Humans of UD: Austin Lux


    Name: Austin Lux

    Hometown: Denton, Texas

    Major: Undeclared

    Classification: Freshman


    MM: I know that you have an IMDb page; are you an actor?

    AL: So ever since I was young, if there was a stage, I was on it performing. I was in a play with my roommate Anthony’s older brother, Emilio, and there, an agent saw me and was like, “hey, you should come in.” That was probably about 10 or 11 years ago now, so now I’ve been doing this for over a decade.

    I also do modeling, voiceover stuff, I’ve been in movies with Harry Connick Jr. [and] Renee Zellweger … I have a Bacon number of two because I was in this horror film a little while back. I was also the voice of Linus in a Peanuts movie: “Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown.” I met Frank Scholtz. I know a lot of people. On top of that, I’ve done political speeches. I also was an international debater representing the United States, ranked fourth in the world. I think [I’m] still fourth in the world. I’m also an improvisation acting teacher. It’s fantastic. I love it.

    MM: Are you still doing all of this, or was it something you did as a child?

    AL: I’m still doing all of this. Right now, it’s been a little slower, because I’m still adjusting to college life, which is pretty good about the jobs that I have. I can kind of make my own schedule because they want me more than I need them, I guess.

    MM: Do people ever recognize you?

    AL: Occasionally, yeah. I’ve had some people [recognize me]. I’ve had some people send me stuff in the mail and ask me to sign it. It’s fantastic. I enjoy it. Or I’ll have people just google my name and see stuff pop up.

    MM: Why don’t you just pursue that without attending college?

    AL: That’s a good question. Honestly, I would love to be able to continue on in the acting industry. It’s what I’m passionate about. It’s what I’ve done for literally my whole life. But, I also want to have something I can fall back on. Something that’s a little more stable. We’ll see what happens. That’s possibly going to be law, possibly going to be teaching. Possibly pre-med. It’s honestly everywhere. I have no idea of what I’m going to do, but [I have] lots of different options.

    MM: Is there anything else that we should know?

    AL: So with political speeches and stuff, I guess I didn’t mention that I’ve been on the same stage as like Ted Cruz, other U.S. representatives, I’ve been a keynote speaker at some events … Some people just saw me and were like, “hey, you need to speak at our tea party event,” and then just kept on working its way along the chain, and then I ended up sharing the stage with some incredible people. They were all my own written speeches. Some of them were about communism in America, others were about protecting the constitution, stuff like that.

    MM: So then is politics an interest of yours?

    AL: I don’t know. Politics just keeps finding me. I like it. I really do enjoy the political process. That’s, again, something that I would want to pursue. Possibly going into the political system. People have told me that I’m going to be president one day. I’ve had people vote for me for president, actually. Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer voted for me for president. It’s illegal, [because I’m too young], but it was fun.

    MM: Are you coming straight into the University of Dallas from high school or did you take any gap years to pursue this more?

    AL: I didn’t take any gap years. I just jumped right into it. I’m glad I ended up at UD.

    MM: What made you come to UD?

    AL: Honestly, my whole college journey was really crazy. I applied to about six to seven schools, none of which were UD. But then my mom got ahold of my ApplyTexas application and before I knew it, I applied to 27 schools. I had to write essays for all of those schools. Eventually, it got to the point that I was just copying and pasting, changing a couple of words. I think that the application I sent into Pepperdine took me only about five minutes because it was just copy and pasting essays. I had the dean of the College of William and Mary calling me, asking me to come to their school. I had Pepperdine throwing money at me. Some really top schools, but in the end, nothing beats the UD education, so that’s why I came here. Honestly, it was more of the academics that [made me come to UD], but it’s just incredible coming into a school and having a crucifix in every classroom. There’s something really special about that.



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