Enclave at Northgate set to open in February

September 22, 2017 - Irving, TX - Construction crews work on housing developments across the street from the University of Dallas. (Photo by: Anthony Mazur)

The Enclave at Northgate is the newest community development near the University of Dallas.

Its close proximity to campus has many students wondering what direct effects this will produce on campus life.

Construction has been ongoing since last spring, after the university sold the land colloquially referred to as the “PDK woods.”

Meritage Homes is the developer responsible for the campaign. They estimate that the Enclave will open in February of 2018.

The new homes will be two stories and will range from 1,633 to 2,907 square feet.

The typical house has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, with built-in amenities that range from a smart door lock to a video doorbell.

By comparison, apartments at Tower Village, or Old Mill,  range from 950 to 1,150 square feet, have 2-3 bedrooms and no more than two bathrooms.

“The Enclave at Northgate will be a part of the 25 other Meritage Homes Communities in the Dallas Metroplex,” said Kelsey Covey, marketing specialist for Meritage Homes’ Dallas division.

“Meritage also has a development named Villas at Las Colinas which offers similar floor plans,”

This new influx of family based “luxury-type” homes is a stark contrast to the apartments at Old Mill.

One of the first constructions on the property is the fence which has gone up in recent weeks on the east side of Old Mill, separating it from the new property.

The difference in the relative conditions of each community begs the question as to the dynamic that the two communities will create.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the University of Dallas community,” Covey said. “We hope that the proximity of the development will meet the needs of University staff and nearby commercial property employees.”

Covey said that this development seems a natural fit for professors and their families who are seeking good quality homes that are near the UD campus, and a specialized payment plan for UD faculty and staff is a potential reality.

“We are definitely considering a program that would offer a special discount to University of Dallas employees,” Covey said. “This program will be launched with the community in February.”

The prices from the Enclave have not come out yet, but the projected price for the typical Meritage home in similar communities is $308,000 to $600,000.

If this development takes off, it has the potential to change the dynamic of campus life whether or not professors choose to live there with their families.

“I expect that the areas that surround the University of Dallas and the Enclave will continue to see growth in all aspects, given the premier location to major thoroughfares,” Covey said.

The small faculty to student ratio at UD and the close quarters on the Rome campus naturally lead to close relationships between the professors and students — perhaps the Enclave at Northgate will facilitate even closer bonds.

“I have known a couple of professors in the past who are new and who have just come to UD, and they’re trying to look for housing right away and end up just being stuck in an apartment,”  Kathleen Ramirez, class of ‘16, said. “But this might be something for them that works better in the long term, especially if they have kids.”

However, there is a group of alumni close to the UD community who foresee some negative impacts of this development.

“Old Mill was sold, and many alums are upset that UD will lose its assets,” an anonymous member of the class of ‘92 said. “They’re afraid that UD won’t have affordable housing for the students, which I think is a valuable argument. Students need housing within walking distance.”

“Whoever is living there, regardless of whether it is professors or families or whoever, UD will make its impact on them.” Ramirez said.


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