Humans of UD: Angelo Novello


Name: Angelo Novello

Hometown: Half Moon Bay, Calif.

Major: Politics, pre-med

Classification: Junior


MM: You’re the University of Dallas student body president this semester; what made you want to be president?

AN: I participated in student government in highschool, and I was a senator at UD my freshman and sophomore years. Student government is definitely something that I enjoy. I like it because it’s an opportunity to gain leadership experience and to work in a professional environment.

I decided that I wanted to be student government president last year because when you’re a senator, it’s a growing process, and I wanted to help be a part of that and give back a little bit. I get to help the senators find out what they want to do and help them grow as leaders and encourage them to be the best leader that they can be. I wanted a challenge. I wanted to take the next step in improving my leadership skills and responsibilities.

MM: What skills make you a successful student body president?

AN: I’m a pretty good people person. I think one thing that’s beneficial of being a leader is making connections with the people you’re in charge of, and I’m pretty good at doing that. One of my goals this semester is to get to know a lot of my senators — their aspirations, the things that they’re passionate about — and then to help them somehow translate that into student government. My ability to communicate with people is probably my most helpful attribute.

MM: How will student government help you with your future aspirations?

AN: It all comes down to leadership experience, so it doesn’t matter what field you go into, whether you’re a doctor in charge of a team of nurses or a politician with a staff, either way you need to know how to be a leader, and also how to be led. Part of being a leader is also being a great follower. [Being student body president] is a lot more responsibility than being a senator as I was before, and it’s preparing me for the future, wherever that takes me.

After school, I am joining the army. I would like to be an army medic, so that’s where the pre-med comes in. I originally came in as biology pre-med, but I realized that being a bio major wasn’t what I wanted to do. If I don’t go to med school, I don’t want to be a researcher or anything like that. I got interested in our politics department, read a few books over the summer that got me interested in politics in general. And we have a great program — kind of a political philosophy program. The teachers are really good, and I’ve been enjoying it so far.


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