Core Decorum: study habits


Picking yourself up from a bad grade is tough. Seeing that low grade on a test,  essay or a project is demoralizing.

We all get at least one during our time at the University of Dallas. It’s a hard school, and often we get more than one. But here are some tips for getting back on your feet after that bad grade.

  1. Take a look at your study habits. How often are you studying? And if you’re studying often, how effectively are you studying? In other words, how often are you looking at your phone, talking to friends, or checking Facebook during your designated study time?  
  2. Is the spot you’re studying in hospitable to studying? If you choose a place you’re likely to run into people you know, or that’s constantly bustling with activity like in the Cap Bar, you will likely be less productive.  
  3. Go talk to your professor during their office hours. Ask them how they would study, and what you can do to improve. Class-specific advice can be invaluable.
  4. If you still don’t understand after talking to your professor, then go to a tutor. They’re more than happy to help. Sometimes you need things explained in a different way, and that’s what the tutors are for.
  5. Do NOT try to pull an all-nighter. It’s tempting, but you will feel terrible afterward, and you won’t retain as much information Getting at least some sleep is a good idea. You’ll think more clearly, and it will reduce your stress levels.
  6. Eat well and exercise. Vacuum your room. Don’t let your physical health drop. Your mental and physical health are connected: if you take care of one, you take care of the other.

Happy studying!


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