Player Profile: Trae Hampton

Photo by Kaity Chaikowsky

Senior biochemistry major, Trae Hampton, says he typically spend 10 hours on soccer and 20-plus hours on homework outside of the classroom per week. The Soccer player is known across campus for his many academic and athletic feats. Hampton was recruited by UD to play soccer, but he notes that he chose UD first because of its academics.

“Soccer was definitely a plus, but I was really looking for a small school with strong academics, and UD encompassed all of that,” he said.

Hampton has won the scholar athlete award each year since 2015, holding the highest GPA, 3.979, among all athletes. The soccer team as a whole has maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above for the past three years.  

Like many athletes, Hampton’s academic and athletic success is rooted in his mastery of being able to manage his time.

“I have class during the day, then I go straight to lab, and then from lab I go straight to practice, so from 9-7 I can’t do homework or study. That’s the most challenging part, but you just have to learn how to manage your time.”

When it comes to his academic and athletic work ethic, he thanks his mom.

“My mom has always been a hard-worker in everything she does. She always instilled in me that once you start something, you finish it.” This same mentality transferred over to sports.

“If I was ever playing a sport and I didn’t like it, she’d encourage me to at least finish the season,” Hampton said. “She’d always help me study and she always pushed me to put my best effort into everything.”

Today however,, the Kentucky native acknowledges long-term girlfriend Kaitlin Casanova for a lot of his ability to juggle his school work and a sport.

“I’ve always put a priority on my schoolwork and have missed parties and social events to study, but Kaitlin always pushes me to make time for both studying and friends and fun.”

Whether it be a professor, parent or girlfriend that inspires Hampton, he continues to excel in both his academic and athletic duties. The Phi Beta Kappa member plans on going on to graduate school after graduation and pursuing a PhD in organic chemistry.

“After my spring Rome semester, I stayed in Spain for an extra two months and did research with La Universidad de Valladolid. I was able to do research in organic chemistry that focused primarily on synthesis.”  

That being said, he plans on being more career-focused after graduation and will play soccer more as a way to have fun. Since his time with the sport will come to an end after this season, Trae is giving this last season of soccer his all, as he’s done for the past three years.



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