Lice in Greg leave students scratching heads

Head lice elimination kits have been spotted in the Gregory hall trash cans. (Photo by Valeria Reyna)

Last week, Gregory Hall was crawling with rumors concerning cases of head lice among its female inhabitants. As the washing machines ran round-the-clock, students researched possible prevention methods, including the use of essential oils to repel lice.

In an email, Sheryl Dellinger, assistant vice president for Student Affairs, responded to student concerns by confirming the presence of lice in Gregory Hall and including general information found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

Seth Oldham, assistant director of Residence Life, addressed further concerns in a mandatory hall meeting Sunday night.

Oldham assured students that the couches in the lounge have been treated various times over the week and reminded students not to sleep in the lounge in addition to washing bedding, towels and clothing in hot water to kill any lice and nits.

“The university is thinking about purchasing, like, 20 or so [at home lice treatment kits], and giving them out to the health center so they can hand them out to people whenever they need them,” Oldham said.

According to the CDC website, head lice, unlike body lice, does not carry disease and are commonly transmitted by direct head to head contact. However, head lice has been known to be transmitted through coming into contact with furniture and clothing that has been touched by the head of an infested person. Symptoms of head lice include an itching sensation felt on the scalp and soreness.

Treatment for head lice is also available over the counter at most pharmacies and supermarkets, as well as from Amazon.

If anyone suspects they might have head lice, then they can schedule an appointment at the university clinic.


  1. *** per articles in PubMed and EPA docs…approx 75% of lice are immune to OTC treatments. Please advise students to use prescription treatments.

    Sklice was the only successful treatment when my family had them.


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