UD students rescue famous pup abandoned in viral video

Senior Reagan Henderson poses with rescue dog KD, who was abandoned by her previous owner. (Photo by Mary Holman)

When UD students seniors Reagan Henderson and Zachary San Roman adopted their short-haired, floppy-eared dog named KD from an animal shelter, they knew they found a special pet.

But little did they know just how special the pup was– the dog’s previous owner was caught on camera abandoning KD in southern Dallas.

This was the first time that surveillance cameras at this location led to an arrest on the grounds of animal cruelty, according to Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), the animal shelter that took in KD.

The video shows the previous owner pulling his car over to the side of the road, opening his back door and dragging the dog out by the leash from the backseat. The man then got back in the car and drove away.

Though the [Dallas Police] video was used to incriminate the dog’s previous owner, once SPCA Texas, the animal shelter that took in KD, posted the video on their Facebook account, views skyrocketed.

Over 750,000 people from around the world have viewed the footage.

News outlets like Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, New York Post, Fox News, Daily Mail and even Cosmopolitan and People Magazine covered KD’s story, featuring the video.

On September 9th, Henderson and San Roman visited SPCA, the animal shelter where KD was staying.

When Henderson arrived at the shelter, she had an instant connection with KD.

“KD was the first dog I interacted with there and she was so sweet. She just wanted to cuddle,” Henderson said.

Henderson signed the adoption papers. Later, SPCA contacted her asking to write a follow up about how KD was doing.

That’s when Henderson learned about her dog’s past.

“As I scrolled through the SPCA Texas page, I saw the video of this man pulling a dog out of his car,” she said. “I recognized KD immediately from her distinctive spots.”

Henderson posted a comment on the SPCA’s video letting those who were concerned have some relief. She wrote that KD is well-adjusted in her new home.

Can’t wait to love this beautiful girl for the rest of her life!!” she added. “Thank you to the people who rescued her and to the SPCA who brought us together. My heart is so so full of love and gratitude!!”

So thankful that people rescued her and brought her to a place [SPCA] that loves and cares for their animals,” Henderson added in her response to SPCA.

Henderson said that she has been really touched by all the kindness that strangers from all over the world have extended towards her since she’s written her reply.

“A lot of people have been super nice. There’s even a couple of people sending me puppy packages for KD,” Henderson said. “Strangers are messaging me everyday to thank me for adopting KD. The generosity is overwhelming.”

In one case, Henderson said a famous author who wished to remain anonymous messaged her to let her know they are putting in a donation to SPCA in honor of KD.

The author also told Henderson that they she wants Henderson to recommend another animal shelter for the author to donate to.

Henderson is grateful she can provide a safe and comfortable living space for KD, and she credits KD’s rescue to organizations like SPCA who make it possible for all animals to have the chance of being apart of a loving family.

“During all of this [buzz], it’s important that people know that what really matters is the awareness of animal cruelty,” Henderson said. “There are safe ways to get rid of your pets that do not require you to put them at risk of dying.”


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