Is the new iPhone X worth buying?

Juniors Tess Stirton and Lucy Teller check their phones while taking a break from studying in Haggar Foyer.

Last week, Apple held their annual keynote presentation in their new theater, fittingly dedicated to their founder, Steve Jobs. Technology writers around the globe are giving Apple’s latest cutting edge smartphone mixed reception.

The iPhone X is truly revolutionary in terms  of visuals and graphics. Like the iPhone 8 that was announced alongside it, the iPhone X is constructed with a hard glass outer shell, giving it wireless charging capability. This, coupled with its bleeding edge OLED screen, makes it a gorgeous piece of technology to behold.

However, Apple may have two major problems with the release of this phone. They are late to the game with the technology — Samsung beat them to it two years ago — and they are creating an unprecedented price point for this iPhone.

The iPhone X is priced at $999, the highest price for an iPhone to date. This could work one of two ways with the market. Either everyone will want to get their hands on a smartphone that is full of never before seen capabilities, like facial recognition that can unlock the phone due to the new camera capabilities, or nobody will want it because the technology is not what the market wants right now.

The reason Apple is a little late to the game with most of these features is because they have been released in the market at some point in time already. Wireless charging has been a fundamental part of Android phones for roughly two years now. I even modified my iPhone 5s with a QI receiver underneath my Otterbox to accept wireless charging. So even if Apple’s competitors did not offer the product until now, the aftermarket has been doing so for a while.

Also, the construction of the phone lends itself to doubts. Ever since the release of the first iPhone, nearly all Apple owners have been clumsy at some point and dropped their phones, often permanently pixelating the glass screen. Apple, by labeling the construction of their new phone “the hardest glass ever in a smartphone, front and back” is going to alleviate the hesitations of consumers regarding how durable it is. Unless the glass is labelled “bulletproof,” I and most consumers will be casing our iPhones.

Is it worth it for the average UD student to upgrade to the iPhone X? On price point alone, I would say it is not worth it. The camera is the same as the iPhone 8, and it charges and functions very similarly. Additionally, for those who are still frustrated with the iPhone 7 for this issue, neither the iPhone 8 or X has a headphone jack.

Unless you are a stickler for displays and touch screen response, the iPhone X is likely not for you.


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