Men’s Lacrosse Team Volunteers with Hope Supply Company

Photo courtesy of University of Dallas Men's Lacrosse

The University of Dallas men’s lacrosse team is showing its charitable side, as it is now volunteering on select weekends with the Hope Supply Company, an organization that helps with relief efforts in Houston as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

The team, which works hard both off and on the field, helped the Hope Supply Company by sorting donations into packages and boxes. The volunteer effort was organized by midfielder and junior business major Peter Early and was approved by Coach Sam Ashton.

Ashton unequivocally credited Early with the idea.

“Actually, one of our guys, Peter Early, researched the area and tried to find a volunteer opportunity that’s close,” Ashton said. “We let the players pick the opportunities, because they become more invested. We reached out to them, and got a head count of who would go, and they accepted us with open arms. They were really excited for us to be there, and were surprised about how hard we worked.”

The team started by volunteering last weekend,Sept. 9th and 10th and plans on volunteering again the weekend of the 23rd and 24th.

Although there is no direct connection to victims of Hurricane Harvey, a unique motivator inspired the team.

“No, there is no special connection between someone on the team and the organization, but any time it’s for children, there seems to be some sort of special drive or determination within our guys,” Ashton said.

Most of the team’s efforts in helping the company for Houston relief support includes products for babies and children.

Ashton credits projects like this as an important way to develop his players off the field.

“I think the best [way] for me to coach these guys is to give them some sort of direction, and then have them execute that direction at a high level,” Ashton said. “On top of that, the most rewarding thing is to see them excited and having fun.”

Bogar Trout III is a long-stick midfielder for the team.

“I think the family atmosphere is my favorite part about being on the men’s lacrosse team,” Trout said.  “I think it’s important to have that kind of atmosphere on a team.”

“We helped unload a van full of supplies for the relief in Houston,” Trout continued. “Then we separated what was in the boxes between baby bottles, socks, toothbrushes, diapers, and baby wipes. We also unpacked the diapers and put them in packs of twenty five.”

“Knowing that it’s going towards the relief effort in Houston, and I wanted to go down there personally and help out, but I didn’t have the time, so this was a great opportunity for the team to help out,” Bogey said of the team’s incentive for helping. “It was a good team-bonding experience to get to know a lot of the freshman.”

“My favorite thing about being on the men’s lacrosse team is all of the great guys, very good friendships, and it’s nice to know that whenever I bring up a volunteer opportunity, everyone is excited to participate,” said junior Peter Early, who organized the event.

For a Houston and surrounding-area community that has been rattled by the damages and aftermath from Hurricane Harvey, the support from the Hope Supply Company and the UD men’s lacrosse team is certainly appreciated.


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