Core Decorum: study tips


There’s no doubt about it: UD is a hard school.

The coursework is difficult and at times completely overwhelming. There are many times that you will be sitting in the library behind an endless pile of books and papers, and it’ll feel like you’re never ever going to get any of it done.

Those days where you’ve got an exam and a quiz and an essay due all in the same day? We’ve definitely been there. But in almost four years here, I’ve found some coping mechanisms.

  1. Simply try to stay on top of things. How? By keeping a study schedule during the day and being strict with yourself about it. These are the times that you never go anywhere else but the library or your room. If you schedule the times you’re going to study, then you’re never going to go to bed with that yucky “Oh snap, I completely wasted my day doing nothing” feeling.
  2. Study in 45-minute increments with 15 minute breaks in between. During your designated study time, don’t pick up your phone to check Snapchat and Facebook, and don’t waste time chatting with your friends. Instead, use those 45 minutes to really read  Plato, not just the Sparknotes version. When your time is up, put your book down for 15 minutes to walk around or do something relaxing so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by your work.  
  3. Always look a week or two ahead in your syllabus. That way no tests or essays creep up on you unexpectedly, and you can start studying earlier for them — even if it’s just 15  minutes a day two weeks before, and then one or two hours a day the week before, and maybe then for longer stretches right before the actual test. This method can actually make a huge difference because it takes away your panic before the test and gives you more time to retain information.

I hope that you find these helpful, and best of luck with your semester.


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