UD to add fencing club

Photo by Kaity Chaikowsky

If you want to hit people with pool noodles, there’s a club for that.

Freshmen Anthony Hanson and Amelia Brown are starting the University of Dallas’ first fencing club.

The club will teach different styles of fencing through the use of cost-efficient weapons: PVC pipes covered with pool noodles.

Hanson and Brown, the resourceful founders of the soon-to-be-made-official club, decided to start the club based on a shared respect and love of sword-fighting.

Hanson, who has taken sword fighting classes for almost a year, has learned to fight with a longsword, a foil and a saber.

He said that the “lost martial art” creates an enjoyable challenge for eager combatants.

“After guns were invented, people stopped learning how to fight with swords,” Hanson said. “The manuals about fencing we [are left with today] are old and sometimes hard to understand,  but this is what makes it fun. We are still figuring [the sport] out.”

Brown, who has taken a 16-week fencing course, knows how to fight with a foil and épée at a beginner level. She likes the distinct techniques that fencing requires.

“Fencing takes agility, hand-eye coordination and sharp reflexes,” Brown said. “It also has a lot to do with your wrist.”

Though Hanson and Brown have a fencing foundation, their club is for anyone with any interest in fencing, so long as they are willing to learn the basics and have fun.

The founders of the fencing club also assured that there is one more incentive to participate.

As Brown put it, “There is a serious ‘coolness factor’ when fighting with swords.”

***If you are interested in joining the UD Fencing Club, you can contact Anthony at ahanson@udallas.edu or Amelia at abrown@udallas.edu ***



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