Dallas Year program discontinued

The calendar outside of the Student Activities and Leadership Center used to include Dallas Year events, but the program has been discontinued this year. (Photo by Marquel Plavan)

As of this school year, the Dallas Year program has been cancelled due to lack of popularity and budget cuts.

Dallas Year was a program which organized for students cheap tickets for events in Dallas, from concerts to museum visits.  

Students often visit Dallas with their friends or clubs, but visits tend to be independent from organizations.

Students have been choosing to visit locations such as Deep Ellum independently from a program designated to organize such trips.  

While Dallas Year existed, clubs could not organize an event that coincided with a Dallas Year event. An art club, for example, could not organize a visit to the Dallas Museum of Art if Dallas Year already had a planned trip there.

Sophomore Henry Jaros said that he believes the cancellation was due to lack of popularity and interference with club activities.

“I never went on any of their events, and all in all I think [the cancellation] is a good thing because more organizations can go into Dallas more often, and it’s not, like, infringing on Dallas Year territory,” Jaros said.

Unlike Jaros, sophomore Bernadette Roden regularly attended Dallas Year programs and said she was disappointed that it had been cancelled.

“It was a great way for students to go and see Dallas in a cheap way, because obviously we can’t afford many things in Dallas right now,” Roden said.

As a drama major, Roden said she was able to take advantage of Dallas Year’s discounted tickets to see various plays and musicals in Dallas to better her understanding of professional theater.  

“I went to see plays, mostly,” Roden said. “Theater is definitely a good thing for everyone to see. It opens your mind. As liberal arts students, we need that.”  

Roden said that she was most disappointed about the fact that she would have difficulty finding student discounts to plays in Dallas on her own.

“I guess if clubs are really push[ing] themselves to do stuff outside of campus that would be great,” Roden said. “Also, if there’s a way that student government or CAB could try and get student discounts for plays without having to do the whole Dallas Year thing, that would be fantastic.”

Seth Oldham, director of Student Affairs, provided clarity to the situation in his statement which expressed sympathy for students who are sad to see Dallas Year end.

“While we would have loved to keep the Dallas Year program alive, strained budgets caused this program to end,” Oldham said. “We wish we could still subsidize those exclusions and we hope students still avail themselves of all Dallas has to offer.”

While Dallas Year has ended, students are still free to explore the Dallas area.

Oldham suggested that students take advantage of the rich culture in Dallas and pay attention to upcoming events in the DFW area such as a wine festival in Grapevine and Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth.

“We hope students experience all DFW has to offer during their time at UD,” Oldham said.


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