Crusaders Split Final Day of Austin College Invitational

Photo courtesy of UD Athletics

The University of Dallas volleyball team split games on Saturday with a win and a loss in the Austin College Invitational.

The Crusaders played LeTourneau and Concordia, sweeping LeTourneau with a 3-0 win. The Crusaders avenged their loss from last weekend’s invitational where they lost to the Yellow Jackets 3-1.

The Crusaders took control in the first set winning 25-21. They kept their momentum strong, winning 25-17 in the second set and 25-23 in the final set.

The Crusaders and LeTourneau swapped leads back and forth in the first set until Dallas finally took control and finished with the win. In the second set, the Crusaders were down, but proceeded to dig themselves out of the hole with the help of Stephanie Janysek, who made 2 kills and Mary Scholz’s block and kills.

“LeTourneau was a good match for us,” Scholz said. “We played well for all three sets and was [sic] able to finish without slowing down.”

Theresa Schramm proceeded to protect the front row, allowing the Crusaders to win the second match. In the final match, they their winning momentum and came in hot to begin the set. However, both teams made runs back and forth until the Crusaders finished off the set 25-23 and won the game. The Crusaders showed this weekend that their practices were paying off.

“We worked really well as a team this weekend,” senior Diana Hassink said. “It was very rewarding to work so hard this past week in practice and see how it payed off in our games.”

Scholz led the team with another double-double with 10 kills and 11 digs, while Hassink also led the team with 18 digs in this game. Scholz also said that in their practices they’ve worked on running their middles more, which showed in this game.

“When we have more options in the front row, it pays off,” she said. This was the Crusaders third win so far this season.

The Crusaders then had a long break on Saturday after their win against LeTourneau. Five hours after their win, they went on to face Concordia University.

The Crusaders did not come out prepared in the first two sets, allowing the Tornados to control the game. The Crusaders know they did not come prepared.

“We were out played,” Scholz said. “They are a good team, and their offense found holes in our defense that we couldn’t fix.”

The Crusaders lost 25-11 in the first set and 25-17 in the second.

In the third set, the Crusaders brought out some much needed intensity, but it was too little too late.

The Crusaders and the Tornados both fought for the lead throughout the entirety of the third set and were tied three times, but an ace and a kill by the Tornados ended the game with LeTourneau taking the final match 26-24.

Hassink believes that the team “lacked energy, and that lack of energy really killed their drive in the first two sets, but they came back and fought hard in their last set.”

“All three sets were very close, and I think that it was a good example that if we limit our errors, we can pull off matches that are as close as this one,” Scholz said.

Scholz lead the team with 12 kills and 13 digs, marking another double-double for her career. This was the eighth game that Scholz has led the team in kills. Hassink lead the team with 18 digs. The Tornados had three players get double digit kills. The Crusaders finished the Austin College Invitational with two wins and two losses.


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