Core Decorum: Degrees before rings


You know that phrase, “ring by spring?” We’ve all heard it before. It’s that phrase that means  — because we are a conservative, Catholic university — that most of the student body is engaged by the spring of their senior year.  

Unfortunately, there is also a large portion of the student body that takes this joke seriously — way too seriously. There are some people who end up as upperclassmen in a sort of mild panic because they are not in a relationship, and in some cases, wonder if they’ve wasted their time as an underclassman because they didn’t find their soulmate in their years at college.

This joke has created the idea that the University of Dallas is a type of Noah’s Ark and the real world is some kind of flood, and that to survive it, we each need a mate. This is not the case at all. Yes, UD is a wonderful place to meet similarly minded people from similar backgrounds, but just because you don’t find someone at UD doesn’t mean you’re going to be alone forever.

Those who find themselves in this situation must remember the reasons that they are going to the University of Dallas in the first place. We did not come here to find a husband or a wife, but to get a wonderful education from one of the best universities in the country.

And for those people who have found the one of their kind and are in committed relationships, there still remains an undue pressure to get engaged as soon as spring of senior year rolls around. A few decades ago, this would have been reasonable and realistic. But in 2017, an age where most everyone has large amounts of student debt, we should concentrate more on the phrase “degrees before rings.”  



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