“Logan Lucky”: a witty and intelligent cinematic jaunt


Logan Lucky is a refreshingly simple, humorous and artistically minded return to feature film directing for director Steven Soderbergh, who also directed Oceans 11 and Magic Mike.

Set in West Virginia’s hillbilly country, Logan Lucky revolves around Channing Tatum’s character, Jimmy Logan. When Jimmy is fired from his job with a construction firm due to a legal technicality, Jimmy decides that it’s time to pull together the only band of hillbillies that can pull off a heist of the Charlottesville Motor Speedway.

The premise of the movie, under the reins of a talented director, transforms this film into a funny and charismatic ride. While some of the elements of this movie border on disbelief, they all come together to form one of the most enjoyable and purely fun heist movies audiences have seen in a great while.

The main characters in this movie all have wonderful chemistry, and Soderbergh utilizes this to create some great comedic moments. The sheer hilarity of seeing actor Daniel Craig, who previously played the suave James Bond, play a bank robbin’ hillbilly is enough to ensure some wonderfully funny scenes. The film also features a great soundtrack that adds to the fun nature of the movie.

Logan Lucky proves to be an entertaining heist film and an intelligent comedy, but it also features well written dialogue. The intelligent conversation between the characters is what builds the great chemistry between them, allows for comedic moments and provides for intelligent social commentary.

The dialogue is styled to make the characters seem like real people and focus on all aspects of them. While this provides for some solid character development, it does lead to a few issues in the pacing of the movie. While undeniably well-made, Logan Lucky does slow down in parts, and this may be an issue for some audiences.

This film is not an adrenaline-filled heist movie, nor is it an action movie. It is a thoughtful, funny, well made heist film that certainly will be boring at some parts for many viewers who were looking for a fast-paced experience.

For fans of Soderbergh’s directorial style and the artistic and thoughtful flair he brings to his movies, Logan Lucky is certainly a welcome return to form. For all committed moviegoers, Logan Lucky is well worth the price of admission.


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