Bonjour! The French club at UD

Seniors Elora Kuhn and Rachel Sutherlin reach out to freshmen at the activities fair. Photo by Kaity Chaikowsky.

French culture has permeated much of Western thought and gave the world Claude Monet, Joan of Arc, and “The Phantom of the Opera.” At the University of Dallas, the French club caters to any student taking a French class or interested in French culture.

“It’s for anyone who has an interest in French,” senior club member Elora Kuhn said. “Any knowledge of the language is not required whatsoever. It will help facilitate your desire to learn more.”

The French club offers many opportunities for involvement, from selling crepes on the mall to watching French plays performed by students.

If you have an interest in foreign films or simply cinema in general, the French club hosts Movie Nights. These offer opportunities to watch classic French films, with past film showings including “Of Gods and Men,” “Les Intouchables,” and “Le Voyage Dans Le Lune.”

If you enjoyed the Mass in different languages during your semester in Rome, the French club attends the monthly French Mass at Cistercian Abbey. Attending the French Mass not only offers you an opportunity to listen to the French liturgy, but also meet other French speakers.

“Afterwards you can have conversations with native French speakers from various parts of the world including France itself, Senegal and Haiti,” Kuhn said. “It’s always great to be able to talk to someone in their native language and have real conversations with people.”

If you’re looking for a change of pace at lunchtime, the French club often hosts a French lunch attended by French professors and club members. This lunch offers a low-stress opportunity to learn and practice conversational French and discuss French culture.

Oftentimes, a professor will host a talk on French culture to give to the French club and French students. Past topics for discussion have included “The French and Indian War” and “France & Islam.” While these talks may be extra credit opportunities or required for French students, French club members are welcome to attend without any obligation.

While right now there are no upcoming events, club president Alonna Ray encourages those interested to contact her at


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