University of Dallas: Sports Magnet for Scholars?


The University of Dallas plays sports most schools its size do not feature. Volleyball, golf, sure. But how about lacrosse? How about our 16-2 rugby club that made it to the regional championships? These are sports that do not get a lot of play at small population schools.

While UD offers student-athletes the chance to play baseball and basketball, hockey and football don’t make the cut. Instead, it’s a rugby club instead of a football team, or lacrosse instead of hockey, sports that potentially attract students to the school in ways other schools do not. UD even offers a tennis club, a swim club and a martial arts club. These aren’t under the athletics program, but do offer UD students a sports variety.

Whether it is actually excelling in a sport or not, UD prides itself on student-athletes’ academics.  The UD Scholar-Athlete of the Year Award is a perfect example of this, with the annual award going to the varsity student-athlete with the highest cumulative grade point average. Certainly, this is motivational. While they may not be the best in their sport, they can still strive to succeed both off and on the field.

UD attracts people like Tom Kaiser, a former center for the men’s basketball team, who said:

“I chose UD because the school offered a rigorous but rewarding academic experience in a vibrant location, while also allowing me to pursue my dream of playing basketball collegiately.”

Stephanie Cervantes, a catcher for the softball team, echoed similar sentiments, saying that she , “chose UD because it has blessed [her] with many opportunities to grow in the classroom, on the field and in [her] faith.”

Joshua McClendon, a midfielder for men’s lacrosse, also said that he chose UD for similar reasons. “I had heard nothing but wondrous things about the English program here, and because it is one of only two schools in all of Texas with an NCAA sponsored lacrosse team.”

All mentioned the classroom or some aspect of the academics of UD in a particular way. From this, it can be certain that UD student-athletes pride themselves not just in the sports they play, but in their academics as well.


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