Core Decorum: Nomers


It’s hard to deny how much the life of a UD student revolves around the Rome semester. The semester abroad is heavily advertised to prospective students and incoming freshman and is a great selling point for the school.

The semester abroad is so integral to the UD life that most introductions between UD students or alumni start, “So, when did you go to Rome?”

And then a few of them reply, “Well, I didn’t go.”

Who are these people? The Nomers. We’ve all heard of the Spromers and the Fromers, but few people hear about the secret underground society of the Nomers. As you might have guessed by now, they’re the people who did not go to Rome.  

This answer is, of course, a bit of a shock to a lot of UD students. How in the world can someone be a true UD student without having gone to Delphi and the Vatican with their classmates?  Some might begin to think that the Nomer is not even a true UD student, since they have “missed out” on creating those strong Rome friendships. It’s hard not to feel left out of the UD culture when one does not have these memories of getting lost while laughing in an European town or falling in love on the canals of Venice.

But, the truth is, the Nomers have bonds of a different type that are just as strong.

While the rest of their sophomore class was galavanting around Europe, the Nomers formed close bonds of their own. Because of their small size, the Nomers form arguably closer bonds with their fellow Nomers than the Romers do with theirs.

They aren’t creating their memories together in the sunsets of Rome, but here in Irving, they find their adventures in the simplicity of the present, in quiet moments together and by simply finding beauty within their hearts.

So, if you’re one of those Nomers who for whatever reason has decided not to go on the study abroad program, don’t fret. You’re no less a UD student than anyone who went. In fact, your memories and experiences will be just as valuable as theirs in the long run, even if they are more simple and modest.


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