Conservatives cannot condone Confederates

The Confederate flag is often celebrated by the alt-right, and has come to be a symbol for white supremacy.

A large number of Americans have bought into the most profound act of historical revisionism to ever curs our great nation: the idea that the Confederate States of America were anything but traitors dedicated to the expansion and preservation of slavery.

The most commonly heard case for the preservation of Confederate statues and the flying of the rebel flag on public land is that these monuments are historical, and that if we forget history we will be doomed to repeat it.

This is total nonsense. First, people won’t forget the central point of American history — the Civil War — if we remove a bunch of Klan-built statues from the 20th century. This wild notion of not honoring the men who tried to destroyed our country was shared by Washington and his soldiers, who ripped down the statue of King George III upon hearing the Declaration of Independence.

A second problematic idea is that if we forget history, we are doomed to repeat it. I’ve noticed a trend of Neo-Nazis accusing people of using the very tactics they themselves suse. For instance, one of the big contributors to the Civil War was John C. Calhoun’s masterstroke of historical revisionism to change the notion of slavery from a necessary evil to a moral good.

In order to prevent another civil war, we must respond with the definitive statement that treason will not be honored. We must condemn turning treason into gallantry and hatred into heritage.

Finally, in order to bury any notion that these statues represent anything but treason in the name of the preservations and expansion of slavery, let me cite the text at the base of the Confederate monument in Louisiana that the alt-right made such a fuss over its removal:“United States troops took over the State Government and reinstated the usurpers but the National Election November 1876 recognized white supremacy in the South and gave us our state.”

Generally speaking, we all have relatively recent ancestors who have committed atrocities. My great grandfather Alfonso fought for Fascist Italy during WWII. I have a blood relative I can actually name beyond a vague, “I’m Southern so Confederates are my heritage.” I can acknowledge the crimes of my ancestors without feeling the need to spin it into some excusable, let alone noble, action. I’m not parading down the street in Fascist regalia, chanting “Credere, Obbedire, Combattere!” and demanding the black flag of Fascism fly over state buildings.

This support of treason is blatant at worst and misguided at best, and tends to attract the kinds of people who, unsurprisingly, believe violence should be used to achieve said goals. Now Americans are dead and wounded because of it.

The final excuse is that the presence of Antifa justifies the actions of the Alt-Right. First, the Antifa movement can trace its existence back to the anti-fascists of Germany and Italy and is, by its very nature, reactionary. There are some serious and dangerous flaws with Antifa, but to equate the two is ridiculous.

First, the Alt-Right has committed 75 percent of politically motivated murders in the past decade opposed to Antifa’s 2 percent.

Second, the Alt-Right has a historically prominent hand in American politics, evidenced by the fact that they hold high-ranking government positions across the country, calling for ethnic cleansing, racial superiority, and other repugnant ideas.

For a century, the power of Antifa has been directly related to the presence of Alt-Right-esque forces in a country. More Alt-Right, more Antifa. Therefore the route to getting rid of Antifa is simple, and we can kill two birds with one stone: destroy the Alt-Right, and Antifa will scurry back to the hovels they came from, as has been the case for nearly a century.

We have given these Confederates 150 years to reconcile for their treason on far more generous terms than they deserved. In return, for 150 years they have met our mercy with terrorism, lies and now bloodshed. For as long as these Neo-Confederates can attack our countrymen with not just impunity but gathering support, the name “American” means nothing.

We should follow Washington’s example and tear down any last vestige to the men who tried to destroy this country, reminding their “descendants” that they are Americans first and Southerners second. Take stock of your actions in these coming years — they’ll either be what you look back on with pride, or hide in shame.

Curse the traitors. God bless the Union, and long live the Republic.


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