Athlete Profile: Luke Schwarz

Photo by Max van Shaijik

On the first day of classes, it is easy to tell which students are athletes. The professor’s review of the  syllabus’ attendance policy section is what really gives it away. Athletes are asked to raise their hands and then there is a short reminder about the importance of not falling behind on coursework.

I walked into my social justice class and looked for familiar faces. In the very back, I saw one of my good friends sitting next to Luke Schwarz.

Schwarz  has been playing soccer since he was four years old and fully committed himself to the sport when he was around seven. Ever since then, it has been a part of his life. He played all throughout high school, serving as the captain for two years in a row and was voted Most Valuable Player more than once.

When it came to choosing a university Schwarz was drawn to UD for several reasons.

“I ended up choosing UD because it has a good business program, and I was also drawn to the Rome program,” Schwarz said. “When it came to soccer, I liked seeing that there was a committed coach. That was a big selling point for me: knowing that David Hoffmann would be here and was dedicated to the team.”

When asked about the people that inspire him to play, he immediately said his parents.

“Neither of them ever played, but they’ve always been fully committed to me playing,” Schwarz said. “I sometimes call my dad before a game to go over how I think it will all go and the tactics we plan to use.”

Schwarz is the captain of the UD soccer team for the second year in a row.

“Once we’re on the field, it’s serious,” Schwarz said. “The right attitude and mentality is what we’ve changed the last couple of years. We’re more disciplined.”

This discipline certainly shows. They have made it to the playoffs for the past three years and Schwarz hopes they will win at least one playoff game.


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