Core Decorum: UD friendships are unique


Friendships at the University of Dallas are unique. Maybe it’s because we all take the Core classes. Maybe it’s because we’ve all been in the same small, 1960s-esque campus for four years. Maybe it’s because we’ve all made some sort of offering to Aslan before a tough final.

They are those wonderfully weird friendships that are found through studying the “Iliad” late at night, or debating what it means to be anything from human to an elephant because you’ve been reading Plato together, or arguing whether Latin is truly a dead language (we’ve concluded that it isn’t, in case you’re wondering).

One thing is for sure: UD friendships are the ones that last not only through these years in college, but beyond. These friendships are founded on common ground and, occasionally, struggles — JPo is hard, people! We are reminded daily of our love for one another when we look back after almost four years of being completely immersed in not tripping and falling on our faces while walking on the Mall with the same groups of crazy people that have supported each other since freshman year.

The strength of the friendships forged at UD was not something I ever expected when I began my freshman year. If someone had told me back then that I would still be as close as I am now to the same people I hung out with at orientation, I would have thought that they were just being naive or idealistic. But we really are that close.

And having that strong bond of friendship is not an uncommon phenomenon at UD. There’s something in the water, I suppose. It’s something fed by the very nature of the school through its small size and the Core that we all share. Through our common coursework and our shared traditions and experiences, such as Groundhog and TGIT, we are united in our very foundation as students at the University of Dallas in a way that is unexplainable, incomprehensible and unmatchable anywhere else.


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