UD athletes start their own sports radio show


Two University of Dallas student-athletes have decided to take a stab at podcasting.

Sophomore track and field athlete Kevin McGuirk and freshman baseball player Nicholas Hovde have begun a weekly podcast entitled “Crux de Athletica.”

The podcast can be found on SoundCloud by searching “Crux de Athletica,” and links to the show can also be found on the University of Dallas Athletics page on both Twitter and Facebook, as well as udallasathletics.com.

“The intention of the podcast is to be a University of Dallas sports radio show, essentially,” McGuirk said.

Both McGuirk and Hovde are interested in getting into sports broadcasting, and the podcast is their starting point.

The first episode of the podcast was made available on Sunday, April 9. The show recapped the past week of University of Dallas athletics and looks forward to the coming week.

“If [students] want to know what’s going on with UD sports, it’s only like 20 minutes, if they want to keep notified about what’s going on,” Hovde said.

Of course any student can simply read box scores and schedules on the athletics website, but Crux de Athletica gives a more in-depth analysis about what is going on and adds some opinion.

The two hosts are hoping that their podcast will allow athletics to gain more notoriety and interest among the student body.

“UD athletics in general are almost pushed away in a corner,” McGuirk said. “The reason why most people here are (sic) for the academics, but students who try to handle the responsibility and load it takes to be a student and an athlete makes it a lot harder to do. This is our craft, this is something that we take pride in.”

“We want to promote the students here who have that extra weight upon them who sometimes don’t get the credit that they should,” Hovde said.



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