Is Aramark your cup of coffee?

Cap Bar patrons can pay for drinks with credit cards now that it is under the management of Aramark. Photo by Kathleen Miller.

There are some serious necessities in a college student’s life, including sleep, study groups and money. But the greatest of all these is caffeine. 

It should come as no surprise then that a recent change to the University of Dallas Cap Bar has been a popular topic of conversation among students.

Aramark, which operates the campus’ cafeteria and the Rat, will now have a management agreement over the Cap Bar.

“The goal is to have Aramark’s service management agreement begin on June 1,” Executive Vice President Dr. John Plotts said.  “A service management agreement is different than simply turning full control of the Cap Bar over to Aramark. What this means is that UD is still the ‘owner’ and decision-maker relative to Cap Bar issues — Aramark simply serves as the management service for the university.”

The Cap Bar will serve the same drinks and  pastries as it does now, and the student workers will be retained.

“The students are employees of UD, although Aramark will be responsible for training, scheduling, etc.,” Plotts said. 

“I approached Aramark about the change.,” He added, “One of the planks of the SG platform this year was the acceptance of credit cards at the Cap Bar.”

Freshman Cap Barista Nicholas Korman seemed indifferent to the future change: “My manager told us nothing really is going to change; I’m not worried.”

Another barista, freshman Jonathan Gontarz, said: “It might feel different to [some] students, but I am not worried at all.”

Transparency regarding the nature of the change has also eased some student concerns.

“I went to [the] sophomore town hall, and there seemed to be a positive intake of the information we received about the Cap Bar,” sophomore Ben Blessard said.

“No one complained,” he added.

“If there are any changes, it will hopefully be to improve the quality if possible,” Plotts said.  “We may expand menu items. We will process payments quicker, so [there will be] less time waiting in line. Other than that, I do not see it being run much differently than it is now.”

Despite the shift in management, the existing items on the menu will stay the same, and student employees will still work for UD, leaving much of what students love about the Cap Bar intact.


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