Student Government election results

Rising juniors Angelo Novello and Clare Slattery have been elected to next year’s executive council, as president and secretary, respectively. Photo by Kaity Chaikowsky.

On the afternoon of March 3, Annamica Reding, the current Secretary of Student Government (SG) sent out an email announcing the newly elected representatives of Student Government Executive Council for the 2017-2018 school year. 

Angelo Novello, a sophomore politics and pre-med major, won a tight race for the presidency against Michael Fazi, a junior politics major.

Lili Serna, a junior politics major, was re-elected vice president for a second year, while Clare Slattery sophomore was elected secretary, and sophomore math major Jim Mobus was elected treasurer.

Novello has been a senator for Student Government for two years. His freshman year he was the representative for Theresa Hall, and this semester he is a sophomore class representative.

Novello is a member of the rugby club and the swing dance team, as well as a co-founder of the sustainability team. Novello has been involved in student government organizations since high school, and is already anticipating changes he would like to make for the coming school year.

“The first thing that I would really like to improve is the relationship between the student body and the Office of Student Affairs,” Novello said. “This year there has been a lot of tension between the two. When I came in as a freshman, students were not intimidated at all, and I think the office received much more respect from the students. There are issues on both sides … and that’s something I’d like to work to improve.”

Novello also has an active interest in strengthening traditions at UD, bringing more religious events to campus and encouraging underclassmen to be enthusiastically involved in Student Government.

“I want to encourage the young senators to express their ideas. Freshmen and sophomores are the future generation of leaders on campus.”

Annamica Reding, a senior psychology major with an international studies concentration, has served as a senator for Student Government since her freshman year, and for the last two years has served as secretary of Student Government. Reding shared high hopes for Slattery, the in-coming secretary.

“I learned so much over my two years as secretary, about all of the hard work the Student Government representatives are doing, and how to communicate that to the student body,” Reding said. “I hope that Clare, next year’s secretary, will continue to do the same. She seems really excited, and so I have no doubts at all.”

Reding emphasized the substantial commitment of time that involved students invest in Student Government.

“It is a big responsibility to fulfill any role in student council,” Reding said. “Dedication is a very important quality to have, because our senators have to complete at least one service hour per week.”

Service hours include Sunday Sundaes, committee meetings, events, SG meetings and townhalls.

“What has kept me in Student Government all these years is the fact that I knew I could really do things that would make a difference in the UD community,” Reding said.

Student Government gives students the ability to recognize the voice that they have, and the power they have to impact the UD community.

Abby Knapp, a junior business major and junior class representative, chaired the Election Committee for the Executive Council election.

Knapp has been continually impressed by Student Government’s ability and competency.

“We are the liaison between the student body and the administration … I didn’t realize how much Student Government did until I joined,” Knapp said.

This election was notable not only in the highly qualified candidates and close presidential race, but also in the amount of student participation it generated.

“Over 700 students voted, a new record in participation,” said Karmina Martinez, a senior and current President of Student Government. hat was a very proud moment for SG, to know that so many people care about voicing their opinions.”

Martinez has been an SG representative since she was a freshman. Martinez commented on the success of both the current Executive Council as well as her faith in the newly elected members.

“I’m so proud of the accomplishments of my executive council, of Lily, Mike [Woodrum], Annamica, and Moey Brown,” Martinez said. “We changed a lot about how the school views Student Government.”

During Martinez’s presidency, the Executive Council set up the first Women’s Conference, and instituted the tradition of Las Posadas, a recreation of the journey of the Virgin Mary and Joseph asking for hospitality, into the SG Christmas Party.

Martinez expressed excitement that next year’s Executive Council will continue creating new events and tackling student concerns with enthusiasm.

“The new Executive Council is going to do a wonderful job,” Martinez said. “They’ve showed a lot of dedication and love for Student Government, and I have no doubt that they will deepen in that commitment.”


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