Meet Madonna Hall’s own resident barber


Haircuts can be expensive and time consuming, and suck the life out of your day.

Many of us have had the thought of waiting in line and making small talk with the hairdresser; it is not the happiest thought.

Patrick Gomez, a freshman living in Madonna Hall, has changed how some students feel about their haircuts.

He takes them outside, and does it for free.

Gomez started cutting hair with his little brothers when he would give them buzz cuts.

“I would just do buzz cuts,” Gomez said. “It was nothing too complicated.”By the time he got to the University of Dallas, he seemed to have the buzz cut down.“I expected [to be giving haircuts in college] a little bit,” Gomez said.

His parents even sent him a kit to cut hair with, but it did not work well.

Gomez accidentally messed up his first haircut for fellow freshman Thomas O’Keefe with the kit.

“That [cut] was absolutely terrible,” Gomez said.

Once he was given another chance, however, he proved himself to be able to cut hair with a different kit.

Since then, many of the residents of Madonna have asked him for a haircut. He takes them to the porch and cuts their hair.

“I actually enjoy it a lot,” Gomez said.

He might enjoy it, but he would never pursue a career in cutting hair.

“It is just fun to mess with people’s hair,” Gomez said. “People have crazy different hair … but anybody with a little attention to detail could give a pretty decent haircut.”

When asked if he would cut hair for girls, Gomez laughed.

“No, are you kidding me?” Gomez said. “Unless they want a buzz cut!”

He just cannot seem to get away from the buzz cut.

So while most go to their local GreatClips or the barbers near their houses, the boys at Madonna get their hair cut by a friend for free and still look great.


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