The Lumineers’ announcement demands deliberation

Many UD students are protesting The Lumineers’ decsion to donate to Planned Parenthood. Photo courtesy of The Lumineers/Facebook.

University of Dallas students were appalled, horrified and outraged on Feb. 24 at the announcement from the acoustic band The Lumineers that the proceeds from their Dallas concert would go to Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas.

Dallas Year began selling the tickets for $15 apiece last week, before the announcement.

In response to the band’s controversial announcement, senior Leo Chernoff noted how challenging it is for a student to take a hard stance.

“It’s pretty difficult to do when it’s such a good band and there isn’t any refund,” he said.

Most students would love to see The Lumineers live. Beliefs aside, they have fantastic music.

However, do students want to go to a concert or a pro-abortion rally?

By announcing the destination of their concert proceeds, The Lumineers essentially turned their concert into the latter.

“When my wife was a teen and young adult, Planned Parenthood provided her not only with free/affordable cancer screenings, contraceptives and annual checkups, but also with the education and tools to help make smart decisions reg

arding her health,” lead singer Wesley Schultz said on the band’s website.

What’s interesting about this statement is that Schultz is asserting that Planned Parenthood’s main services are based around cancer screenings, checkups, etc. However, Planned Parenthood makes 86 percent of their earned income from abortion procedures. Note the phrase “earned income,” as Planned Parenthood receives thousands in federal funding as well.

“To read news stories about attempts to defund this same healthcare in Texas for so many women (and men) is disturbing and has moved us to act,” Schultz said.

Another interesting thing to note is how Schultz believes that by defunding Planned Parenthood, women’s “normal” health services are being crippled.

This is far from the truth. Since Planned Parenthood’s facilities provide abortions, they cannot participate in the Healthy Texas Women program under state law.

But back in the UD bubble, what are we to do about this?

A couple students have brought up the idea of showing up to the concert decked out in pro-life gear, essentially protesting the event.

It was reported that Dallas Year contacted the ticket providers demanding a refund, claiming that the proceeds of the concert violate the university’s beliefs. No refund was given as of this writing.

I hold the opinion that Dallas Year should continue to push against The Lumineers for this underhanded tactic, and even pursue legal options with the backing of the university. President Thomas Keefe fought against Title IX ferociously, and I do not doubt that he would love to step up to this challenge.

As to students, it is probably better not to attend this concert. Even if UD attendees plan on going to protest, their presence may encourage violent response which could endanger the students.

In short, students are caught between a rock and a hard place.

With Lent upon us, perhaps some students will sacrifice the opportunity to see the band in favor of holding strong in their convictions.


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