The University of Dallas women’s lacrosse team had their first two home games this past weekend against the University of Saint Mary and Southwestern University. The team’s plan was to finish the weekend with a couple of wins at home, but this was not to be, as they would drop the contests 8-12 and 5-18, respectively.

Even though the team has had a rocky start, it has not weakened their drive and desire to win. Many of the players are entirely new to lacrosse, but they are full of excitement and positivity, and that hope will carry them far.

“Lacrosse is definitely out of our comfort zone; it was an entirely new experience that we all really enjoy,” freshman midfielder Victoria Salazar said. “The game was a different type of intensity because no one wanted to make a major mistake that would cause a goal against us. We have high expectations for ourselves so that we don’t let down the girls who we are now teammates with.”

“It was a fun first experience and was full of a lot of firsts,” freshman midfielder Olivia Severson said. “It was cool to see how well the lacrosse team worked as a team to accomplish their goals.”

Both Salazar and Severson are dual-sport athletes, coming off their first season with UD women’s soccer (UDWS). UDWS overcame their own adversities in the 2016 season, and that experience should serve well the players who have made the move to lacrosse for the spring.

Salazar and Severson, along with all their fellow players, are excited to help the team and hopefully power through their rough start to soon earn a few wins.

They have a few upcoming home games this weekend to which the players look forward. They hope to come out in front of a home crowd and get some wins on their record.

Freshman midfielder Elisa Duran, also a soccer player, agreed with her teammates’ excitement regarding joining the team and talked a little bit about the goals for the upcoming weekend.

“This weekend was definitely an experience,” Duran said. “It’s hard to come into a sport with players that already know the game knowing that you’ve never played that sport in your life. But I’ve had a ton of fun so far and only hope to get better! I know these girls love the sport so much, and have a strong desire to do well this upcoming season, so I really hope we do. Their drive is real, and it’s exciting to play with girls that care so much.”

The team looks to get their first win and turn their season around as they go up against Millsaps College this Saturday, March 4 at 11 a.m.


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