Cap baristas: UD heroes

Michael Fazi is one of the many superheroes who make studying and procrastinating more enjoyable. Photo by Aaron Credeur.

Code black. We all know the moment at 8 p.m. the night before a test when we realize that if we don’t ace those midterms we have been ignoring, our GPAs will inevitably fall to 1.0s, we will never find jobs, we will have to move back into our parents’ basements and we will spend the rest of our lives watching “House Hunters” every Friday night with them.

To what do we turn in such moments of distress? Coffee.  And where does one find coffee at 8 p.m.? The Cap Bar.

The University of Dallas Cap baristas truly exemplify the lifestyle of independent thinkers. When asked about their favorite drinks, they had some great stories about drinks they have made beyond the menu and ways that all of us can get creative with our own orders.

Genevieve Frank, a sophomore who specializes in hazelnut dirty chais, and Joe Pelletier, a sophomore whose claim to fame is his warm chai tea latte, recommend trying out different flavor shots in your normal order.

“Switching out the vanilla [in chai tea lattes] for something different like hazelnut or peach is really good,” Pelletier said.

Frank has her own personal twist on chai tea lattes.

“An iced filthy chai with half coconut, half vanilla is delicious,” Frank said.

The two coffee experts recommend Irish cream and amaretto as safe and delicious flavors to add to almost any drink. Pelletier, however, warns against banana flavoring.

“[It’s] the worst flavor,” he said. “I don’t know why people do it. It smells so awful.”

Sophomore Mica Stephens has had her own bad experiences with banana flavoring.

“The worst drink anyone has ever ordered was a chai tea latte with banana and mint syrup,” Stephens said.

Junior Mary Kate Elfelt has some yummier memories of experimental drinks.

“My favorite new drink is the ‘Anthony,’ made by my friend Anthony and I,” Elfelt said. “We made iced plantation mint tea with a half shot of coconut and a half shot of raspberry … He describes it as ‘exotic yet familiar.’ ”

Elfelt also recommends the classic iced caramel macchiato for lovers of both caffeine and sugar.  Though the combination is enough to make her body feel like it’s going into shock, she admits the drink tastes like heaven until the sugar hits.  She gives kudos to anyone who can order the drink.

Junior Kathryn Zepeda says that sugary drinks like that are her favorite to make, especially mochas because she gets to drizzle chocolate sauce over the whipped cream.

“Last year my boyfriend was out of town for spring formal, and his roommate didn’t have a date,” Zepeda said. “When I made his roommate a mocha, I wrote “SF?” in chocolate sauce.”

Next time you’re at the Cap Bar, try ordering the drink of the week written on the wall behind the counter, or ask about the Cap barista’s specialty.  Don’t forget to thank these caffeine-wielding heroes for saving your grades … and your taste buds.


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