Best taco joints in Dallas area

There are places all over Dallas that offer wonderful tacos, like the ones sophomores Paul Patton and Ines Vera are enjoying. Photo credit Kaity Chaikowsky

Let’s taco bout tacos. Whether you’re a Margarita Monday fan, Taco Tuesday regular or just flat out too broke to afford food that costs more than $3, tacos are a staple snack at the University of Dallas.

I’m sure we all know of the classic UD hangouts such as Fuzzy’s and Taco Diner, but to quote sophomore Claire Slattery:

“Fuzzy’s is very overrated.”

Though we all have a special place in our heart for Fuzzy’s, Dallas has so many other great taco restaurants to try that it would be a shame to never branch out.

Slattery’s top recommendation for a great taco is Velvet Taco, which she claims will change your life.

Velvet Taco is a hip, not-too-expensive restaurant about 20 minutes away from campus. Another sophomore, Genevieve Frank, also named Velvet Taco as a favorite stop, specifically because they don’t close until early in the morning — they stay open until 5 a.m. on Saturday.

Frank recommends a different restaurant if you’re looking for a more authentic Mexican flavor: Dona Lencha.

Dona Lencha is only 10 minutes from campus, and if you visit on Wednesday nights, they have a dollar taco special.

A similarly cheap and authentic place to visit is San Diego Tacos.

This taco shop was the most commonly recommended shop among everyone to whom I spoke.  Junior Mike McCallum recommends the breakfast burritos, which are served all day long.

“There is nothing like eating a chorizo breakfast burrito at 3 a.m.,” McCallum claimed.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I know that all you readers out there must be thinking to yourselves, “That’s great, but what is the most romantic taco shop?”

Well, wait no longer; 7 Salsas is the perfect place to spice up your Valentine’s Day.

7 Salsas is a bit more pricey than the rest because it is a restaurant instead of a shop, but the food is worth the extra few dollars. They have an authentic flavor and delicious food even beyond their taco menu.  I have also heard from upperclassmen that their margaritas are exceptionally good.

Finally, though I am sure there are many more, Torchy’s Tacos comes highly recommended from fellow taco enthusiast junior Julia Pashilk. Torchy’s is a Texas chain. The first location opened in 2006 and it has been rapidly expanding across the state ever since.

“The decor is really cool,” Pashilk said. “They spoof famous paintings and put their mascot in them.”

Julia’s personal favorite is the baja shrimp taco, but they have an extensive menu that includes everything from breakfast tacos to a taco called “The Democrat.”

Dallas’ cultural diversity has created a perfect atmosphere for a vast array of taco joints to sprout up across the city.  Your ideal taco is out there waiting for you to find it. Hop on the DART or grab an Uber and go find your own new favorite place.


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