Welcome back to the Cold War

Russian President Vladimir Putin has caused tensions with the United States during his tenure, making U.S.-Russian relations as difficult as ever. Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

We find ourselves in the midst of a new Cold War in everything but name. From the proxy war in Syria to the economic and diplomatic war of sanctions and NATO; the West, once again, faces the specter of a dangerous Russia. This time, instead of staying united behind leadership that understands the threat, the leader of the free world is not only sympathetic to the Russian cause but enamored with the Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin.

Russia’s goals have not changed in 71 years; they have attempted to undermine and destroy the alliances that bind the free world together in what was an ill-fated attempt to divide us. Sensing weakness in Barack Obama’s administration and appeasement in Donald Trump’s, Russia has taken bold steps these past few years to reassert its old Soviet power, launching its conquest of the Crimea and posing blatant challenges to the U.S. in Syria.

There are those among us who ask:

“Why wouldn’t we want warmer relations with Russia?”

To this question I answer that those who want peace with tyranny may surrender themselves now.

History is a vicious teacher, and the lessons it administers prove that anything but brutal condemnation of tyranny results in eventual submission to it. If we continue to back down and retreat under Russian aggression, there will come a day when we will not have the strength to fight back. Every step we allow Russia to take is a step we’re pushed back into the abyss of a tyrannical world.

Russia and the United States share no interests and no common ground. While the U.S. bombs ISIS and fights for human rights in the Middle East, Russia attacks the Syrians who are calling for a “secular, democratic and federal” Syria. Our European allies are trying to handle a refugee crisis; Russia is the one creating refugees. While we are the arsenal for democracy, a large section of the Russian economy is dependent on selling arms to China, Syria, Iran, Algeria and other countries where the freedoms of individuals are nonexistent.

The Russian Federation has revived old Soviet tactics this past year in a vicious disinformation campaign. Russian propagandists were hard at work fabricating news stories and launching cyber-attacks in an attempt to sway public opinion.

Worse than these affronts were the calls from our side. There has been a clamor of support from the few who believe their political victory was worth the intrusion on our political sovereignty and that our security communities are less reliable than Russian propaganda. These voices do not speak for this republic. While most Americans know our lives and comfort are worth the price of freedom, these voices would easily bend the knee to a tyrant who offers them peaceful slavery.

Our nation is at a crossroads. Whether the people of this country will show the mettle to stand up to this Russian threat will determine the fate of this new century. Will it be one that shines in the light of western ideals and democracy, or one that will be lamented by future generations as the century where the American experiment failed, proving that humanity deserves no better than to languish under the yoke of dictators?


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