Women’s soccer coach leaves UD


After four seasons with the University of Dallas women’s soccer team (UDWS), Angelina Pane has resigned her position as head coach.

Athletic director Dick Strockbine confirmed her departure to the University News on Friday, Nov. 18, but was unable to comment further on the reasons or circumstances surrounding the event.

The official UD statement, provided by sports information manager Nathan Yacovissi, reads as follows:

“November 16th was her last day and she is seeking other opportunities.”

“Resigning was not a decision that came lightly but after a lot of prayer and thought, I decided it was best for my future to move on to a new opportunity,” Pane said in an electronic interview on Sunday, Nov. 27. “I will miss the players and athletes of UDWS. I wish them the very best in all they do!”

By all accounts, Pane’s resignation came as a surprise, but her former players have handled the news with grace and optimism.

“Coach Pane’s departure was a shock for us all and we will miss her,” said freshman forward Chelsea Reeh. “But I think we are all looking forward to a new beginning and another chance to work together as a team to make something good come from all this.”

“She will be missed,” junior forward and team captain Mackenzie Vasile agreed. “She did great things for our team and we all appreciate her for it.”


Pane took the helm for the Lady Crusaders in the spring of 2013. She led them to the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) semifinals in 2013 and 2014, and the quarterfinals in 2015. The 2014 season was the highlight of her career; UDWS ended the season with a winning record both overall and in conference and a third seed in the conference tournament, six players won All-SCAC honors, and Pane herself was awarded Tri-Coach-of-the-Year.

While Pane searches for opportunities elsewhere, UDWS looks to return to and surpass their 2014 success under new leadership. Strockbine hopes to begin interviewing new candidates for the position and provide that new leadership in the coming weeks.

“I am excited to see what the new coach can offer,” Vasile said. “Ultimately we want to win and finish off with a great 2017 season.”


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