There is no rest for the weary


On these, the final pages of the final issue of the semester, we bring three months of sports coverage to a close. The next two months will be relatively silent on our end.

But sports at the University of Dallas will continue.

Men’s and women’s basketball will actually get through the majority of their seasons before we resume publishing at the end of January. Lacrosse, baseball, softball, golf, and track and field athletes will all be gearing up to begin their respective seasons in February. A lot of hard work will go on without our even realizing it.

Perhaps that does not affect the athletes too much. They are, as has been pointed out more than once, used to living a life fairly separate from those of UD’s non-athletes.

But as I, and probably the sports editors before me could tell you, the work we do at the paper does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Coaches thank us for talking to them, for getting to know their team, for really trying to understand their sports and for bringing them closer to UD as a whole.

Athletes like the two basketball players who have decided to kneel for the national anthem this season are grateful that we take the time to tell their story and honor their freedom of speech.

Students and professors otherwise disconnected to the athletic scene learn things about their peers and students they might not have known any other way.

The work we do here at The University News Sports Section matters. We have spent a lot of time talking about why sports at UD matter, which is an important question not just for the athletes themselves, but for those of us who have to persuade ourselves every week that anybody really cares whether we write this or that article.

People do care. Atheltes do make a difference. And as long as our athletes keep going, so will we.


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