Creative Corner: A Bright Night


Here all was silent except for the unhurried sounds of my father setting up a telescope. The tall grass of the prairie obscured my vision as I watched him. The wind spoke softly, and orbs of silver fire fluttered through the air. In the far distance, a mountain range stood sentinel, isolating the grassland from the rest of the world. Rising above the horizon, an immense full moon enveloped the landscape in a soft light. Gently, the stars began to seat themselves in their places among the cosmos.

With a grunt, my father finished setting up the telescope. He stood up straight and crossed his arms, his usual teaching pose. He began to educate me.

“Listen, son, this is a special view into the secrets of the world.”

His grand, facetious lecture glided into my mind and left as hollow lines. Translucent lines of thought flowed through my head as a thin, shallow stream. Vague impressions of the past and daily life began to flood the forefront of my mind. As I started to wonder pointlessly about tomorrow, my father ended his lesson, noticing my wandering attention.

“Come here, son, and you’ll understand what I’ve been saying.”

Reluctantly, my legs drew me over to the telescope. In the midst of nature, the mechanical telescope seemed out of place, as though it were an otherworldly being. I hesitated to look through it. Finally I looked into it, though with reluctance.

Immediately the clamor in my mind fell quiet. All my senses were engaged. My range of vision had decreased and focused on some obscure star. As I stared at it, it felt as though a strange sense of wisdom rippled through my mind. After satisfying myself with wondering at it, I stepped away from the telescope, dizzy.

I raised my eyes back to the sky, and I noticed the assembly of stars, peering down upon the two of us. I saw the full moon, seated in its throne and robed in silver luminescence. The weight of the sky began to bear upon my shoulders. I moved my gaze down in front of me.

There I saw my father, smiling wide at me. He felt very familiar at this moment, and his grey, twinkling eyes comforted me immensely. I began to love him.



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