Why Democrats lost this election

Photo by Anthony Garnier.

We might be surprised by the results of this election, but we shouldn’t be not too surprised. This election was Democrats’ to lose, and there were some very clear warning signs.

The first, and most prevalent, is that the Democratic Party completely forgot its base. It was so focused on black, Hispanic, and women turnout that it completely forgot that the bulk of the party is still uneducated white people in the Northeast. Not to say that that Latinos and black people aren’t worth focusing on, but I think we could safely say that neither of those categories were going to go to Trump. While the party spent so much time and energy to defend an already dedicated voter base, it left the bulk of its members ripe for the taking, as seen in places like Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc.

The second problem comes with the obsession with having the “first woman president.” This, frankly, is an understandable mistake. Advertising Obama as the first black president worked very well for the party in 2008 and, theoretically, the strategy could have worked again in 2016. That being said, democrats have put so much effort into it that they’ve completely thrown aside thoughts on whether said person would actually be a good president.

The third issue comes with Hillary Clinton herself. I’m not saying that Bernie Sanders is an acceptable substitute, but the D.N.C.’s favoritism of the Clinton legacy was a mistake. The D.N.C is quickly running out of new talent to run for the office. Instead of fostering some of their younger or more moderate politicians, they continue to appeal to the old Democrat dynasties. I can almost guess who’s going to be in the next Democrat primary: Biden, Kaine, Warren. Nobody new. Nobody moderate. Just slightly less corrupt versions of Hillary.

Another factor is the Democrats crying wolf these past decades. Ever since Bush, every Republican has been called a racist, a misogynist, a xenophobe, a bigot, etc. The outcry worked well against Romney and McCain, but it desensitized the public to the more substantiated complaints about Donald Trump.

The final issue comes from the very core of the party. The party’s politicians can’t admit when they’ve put forward a bad egg. Obama is incredibly liberal and did not do a good job as president. The party pushed Clinton as a theoretical “third term” and, in doing so, completely isolated her from the voter base. The G.O.P does this as well from time to time, but it has never affected them in an election as it did with the democrats in 2016.

Donald Trump’s rise comes from the environment that has developed over the past eight years. The blame can’t be passed onward; it rests on the shoulders of those who created the environment.


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