Men’s soccer off to SCAC tournament

After a loss against Colorado College, UDMS hopes to face them again in the SCAC tournament. University of Dallas Photo.

The University of Dallas men’s soccer (UDMS) team had their senior game this past Saturday. After a great battle the boys fell short and lost 0-1 to Colorado College. They worked very hard and dominated most of the game, but due to a controversial goal the seven seniors lost their senior game.

With that game in the past, however, the boys are looking forward to a successful upcoming weekend in the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) tournament. Their goal is to make it all the way to the championship game.

Their first game is against Texas Lutheran University (TLU) who has been on a winning streak.

“We are looking to break Texas Lutheran’s winning streak so we can advance to face Colorado College in hopes of reaching the championship,” senior goalkeeper Tino Gamueda said. “We want a title.”

Junior captain and midfielder Luke Schwarz has the same mindset going into the tournament.

“The tournament is what you judge your season on,” Schwarz said. “Now we have to go on a run and prove that we are a playoff team. I think we could shock a few teams and prove just how good we are.”

If they beat TLU, they will be going up against Colorado College to avenge their senior game loss.

The Crusaders have already beaten TLU once this season and lost to them once this season. So the turnout is up in the air, and it may come down to heart and who wants it more.

These seven seniors on the team want more than anything to get a title for their final efforts in college soccer. Since, for most of them, this will be their last opportunity to play soccer, they plan to leave everything they have on the field.

With high hopes for a good outcome, UDMS heads to Sherman, Texas, where the SCAC tournament is being held this weekend Nov. 4-6 at Austin College.


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