Humans of UD: Kelly Kuzma


Name: Kelly Kuzma

Hometown: Rockville, Md.

Classification: Junior

Major: Theology, Spanish concentration


BS: Why did you choose a theology major?

KK: I’ve always been really interested in learning more about my faith because it’s important to me. I took some theology classes and I liked them, but I never thought of majoring in theology. Then I started taking some courses in the Human Sciences in the Contemporary World [department], because I really like the involvement in the world and interactions between people, but it was missing that faith side for me. It was focused on society and I wanted to learn more about the backbone of interactions from a side that dealt primarily with the human. So I switched to a basic theology course and I ended up really liking it.


BS: Who is your favorite professor?

KK: I am taking Systematics I right now, and I took Systematics II last spring. I have Dr. Malloy right now. The information he presents is intense and there is a lot of material, but he brings a lot of humor and different ways of presenting the material. He’s been my favorite teacher because I love when teachers are able to integrate their funny [personalities] into class but still keep it professional.


BS: If you could add one class to the Core, what would it be?

KK: I was going to say a cooking class, but I don’t think that would be a good one to add to the Core. I’m still in the course now, but I would say Moral Theology. I think it’s something that students our age, college students, would really appreciate in terms of the facts and issues that we deal with. So far, we’re building foundations so we can look at more current topics and particular scenarios of controversial topics like abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, suicide … We are looking at the basics of it, like, what is happiness, what do humans desire naturally. Not “what do Catholics or Christians desire,” but rather “what do all men desire?” It’s more of an applied theology. We’re not studying what happened thousands of years ago, but theology as it applies today. I really love that aspect of theology.


BS: Where is your favorite study spot on campus?

KK: The desk in the library on the second floor overlooking the back of the library, toward the business building … Specifically around 5 or 6 [p.m.], when the sun is about to set. I think I’m always the most productive there. The light is so beautiful at that time of day.


BS: What was the best Halloween costume you saw this past weekend?

KK: There were girls at TGIT dressed up as basketball players, with basketballs and jerseys, and they were inside of inflatable doughnuts. So they were Dunkin’ Donuts. I love doughnuts, and I also love punny costumes.


BS: What is your favorite funny memory from Rome?

KK: Actually this morning, we were talking about two of my classmates who overpacked for one of their trips. They were in no way going to pay extra to get on the plane, so one of my friends decided she could make her backpack into a little baby. So she pretended to be pregnant and our guy friend pretended to be the father. They ended up not having to pay extra! An interesting way to get free luggage.


BS: What do you think is the most underrated University of Dallas event or tradition?

KK: I’m going to say the pasta cook-off. My freshman year I signed up for it by myself and I was put on an upperclassman team to cook. We spent the whole day cooking in their student apartment. [Trying all the dishes] was one of my favorite memories … [It’s] especially [great] for underclassmen because most of them don’t know about it. I went and everyone was super welcoming. I highly recommend it.


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