DePaul was wrong to berate College Republicans

The slogan "Unborn Lives Matter" was criticized because of its use of the popular Black Lives Matter slogan, which some found disrespectful. Photo by Paulina Martin.

Recently, DePaul University, a Catholic college in Chicago, has been under scrutiny. Administration requested that the university’s College Republicans remove their pro-life signs that mimicked the Black Lives Matter’s slogan, saying that they provoke the Black Lives Matter movement.

However, this removal of the posters is unnecessary and ridiculous.

The original Black Lives Matter movement’s message was that it is unjust to believe that some lives have more value than others and that black Americans should be treated no differently than white Americans, as their lives are of equal value.

This message is just a reiteration of the values upon which our country was founded – that all men are created equal.

The pro-life movement is not only fundamentally Catholic in this way, but also American, as is the original purpose of Black Lives Matter. The two movements are both “pro-life” in the sense that they seek to protect a group’s rights, whether it be the black community or the unborn.

That a Catholic university would request that these posters be done away with goes against their Catholic values and their duty as an American university to uphold American rights, such as the basic right to freedom of speech.

That being said, it is necessary that people in a democracy be able to criticize arising movements so that the government can maintain balance and order. Universities are natural places for these debates and criticisms to arise, as they are homes to large groups of people who are passionate and immersed in education. One would be hard-pressed to find another place where there are hundreds of people who – hopefully – have the Constitution fresh on their minds.

However, the College of Republicans at DePaul University does not seem to want to criticize the Black Lives Matter movement, they simply took their formatting for a poster to catch people’s attention.

DePaul University simply overreacted to avoid provoking the Black Lives Matter movement. By taking down the posters, the university violated their values as an American institution by refusing to uphold the freedom of speech, as well as their Catholic values by disrespecting the pro-life movement.




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