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This is my first time registering for classes (I’m a first-semester freshman) and I don’t know what to do. How do I pick? What about my friend’s teacher recommendations? Should I focus on the Core or take classes for a major I might want to declare? How many credit hours is too many?

-Where To Begin


Dear WTB,

Registration can be daunting your first time around, so let’s start from the top.

If you haven’t already, fill out the preregistration survey Julie Janik emailed you. Yes, just do it. This helps your advisor. You should then go to see your advisor. If you have no idea where to start, your advisor will help guide you through your degree plan, even if you have yet to choose a major. If you have an inkling of what courses you want to take, your advisor’s input is still valuable, as he may have suggestions for professors who fit your learning style, the order in which you should take certain classes, the possibility of taking a class at another time, or even taking the class elsewhere (UD does offer interterm, summer classes and the occasional transfer from the community college back home).

While your friends may have great professor recommendations, and while it’s nice to have someone you know in class, take their suggestions with a grain of salt. You two may have different learning styles, so an easy course for your friend may be a challenge for you. While friendly advice is valid, make your decisions based on your own needs as a student.

Most degree plans will suggest you complete the Core first, with introductory major courses here and there. The Core serves as the foundation for your major, and introductory major courses give you an opportunity to test the waters. Seeing as most degrees require you to have a number of credit hours from electives, take an introductory major course based on an area of study you’re interested in. If it isn’t for you, you can write it down as an elective.

Remember: you came to UD because you wanted to challenge yourself with a quality education. However, don’t put yourself through more than you can handle. The minimum number of credit hours you can take is 12 — the maximum, 19 — and at least 15 are needed to qualify for the Honor Roll or Dean’s List. Your course load should challenge but not overwhelm you.

In short, go to your advisor, follow friendly advice if it’s in line with your own academic needs, get through the Core, dabble in the major(s) you may want to pursue, and take as many credits as you can without needing to pull all-nighters all the time.


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